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Java Spring Boot Microservices

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are striving to be more agile, responsive, and scalable. One of the approaches gaining popularity is a microservices architecture. Microservices architecture is a way of designing software applications as a collection of small, independent services that communicate through APIs. Retail Insights, a supporter of the MACH alliance, firmly believes in microservices architecture as the future of software development, especially for omnichannel commerce businesses. That’s why they have invested heavily in developing a robust base on Java Spring Boot microservices.

What are Java Spring Boot Microservices?

Java Spring Boot is a popular framework for building microservices in Java. It offers a lightweight and flexible approach to building highly scalable, performant, and secure applications. The team at Retail Insights has already implemented an end-to-end e-commerce platform with microservices architecture, featuring omnichannel features like Pay as You Go, Single Page Checkout, Subscription, Store Pickup, Reserve In-Store, GA4, Sync Services with OMS for Inventory, Price, and Recommendation along with Elastic Search and multi-channel catalog management.

Java Spring Boot Microservices

Java Spring Boot Microservices is highly scalable and can be easily scaled up or down based on demand. The framework provides built-in support for clustering, load balancing, and distributed caching, making it ideal for microservices architecture. Additionally, the framework provides a lot of performance-tuning options that allow developers to fine-tune their applications to get the best performance.

Security is a crucial aspect of any e-commerce application. Java Spring Boot provides built-in support for secure coding practices and implements security best practices by default. The framework also supports authentication, authorization, and encryption, ensuring that the application is secure.

Retail Insights’ microservices architecture and Java Spring Boot implementation have resulted in a successful end-to-end commerce solution. The solution includes multi-channel catalog management, allowing clients to manage their catalogs across different channels like web, mobile, and social media.

In conclusion, microservices architecture is the future of software development, particularly for e-commerce businesses. Java Spring Boot is an excellent choice for building microservices due to its performance, scalability, and security features. Retail Insights’ investment in Java Spring Boot microservices architecture underscores their commitment to providing clients with the best solutions using the latest technologies.

Magento: The Perfect eCommerce Platform for Grocery Retailers

Adobe Commerce for Grocery Retailers

If you’re a grocery retailer looking for an eCommerce platform that can cater to your needs, look no further than Adobe Commerce, powered by MACH Architecture. Here’s why:

Progressive Web App (PWA) with GraphQL and React Frontend

One of the most significant advantages of Adobe Commerce is its support for PWAs. With a PWA, your customers can access your online store from their mobile devices without the need to download a separate app. This can lead to higher customer engagement and better conversions. Adobe Commerce also supports GraphQL, a query language that enables fast and flexible data retrieval. And with React as the frontend technology, you can build high-performing and responsive web pages. Get adobe commerce for grocery retailers now.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Project

With Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully managed cloud environment. This means that Adobe takes care of the infrastructure, security, and updates, leaving you free to focus on your business. Adobe Commerce Cloud also comes with features such as autoscaling, disaster recovery, and global availability, making it a robust solution for businesses of all sizes.

Headless and Microservices

Adobe Commerce’s headless architecture allows you to decouple the frontend and backend of your online store, giving you more flexibility in design and functionality. You can also leverage microservices, which are modular and scalable building blocks that can be easily integrated with other systems.


Adobe Commerce is built on AWS, one of the most secure, reliable, and scalable cloud platforms available. With AWS, you can benefit from advanced security features, such as DDoS protection and network firewalls, as well as high availability and fault tolerance.

Customer Validation with ERP system Brilliant

Brilliant is an ERP system that integrates with Adobe Commerce to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With Brilliant, you can manage your inventory, orders, and finances in one place, while also gaining insights into your business performance.

Marketing Automation Functionalities

Adobe Commerce comes with a suite of marketing automation features that can help you engage with your customers and drive sales. These include personalized recommendations, email marketing, abandoned cart recovery, and more.

In addition to these features, Retail Insights has extensive experience in developing and integrating Magento-based eCommerce solutions. With over 20 Adobe Commerce projects delivered and 10+ years of Adobe Commerce development experience, Retail Insights can provide you with the expertise you need to succeed in eCommerce.

Retail Insights can also integrate Adobe Commerce with other best-of-breed technologies, such as Adobe Experience Manager, GA4, WMS, POS, OMS, CRM, EPR, and more, to provide you with a comprehensive and integrated frictionless Commerce solution. With Retail Insights as your partner, you can focus on your core business while leaving the technical details to us.

In conclusion, if you’re a grocery retailer looking for an eCommerce platform that can cater to your needs, Adobe Commerce for Grocery Retailers, powered by Magento, is an excellent choice. With its support for PWAs, headless architecture, AWS infrastructure, and marketing automation features, Adobe Commerce can provide you with a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly online store. And with Retail Insights as your technology implementation partner, you can rest assured that your Omnichannel Commerce solution is in good hands. Contact us today as we are the leading company for omnichannel commerce in UK.

Order Management System For Smarter Salesforce

Automate real-time orders and returns – eliminate manual bottlenecks

Businesses must use an order management system to effectively manage purchase and sales orders in today’s high-velocity sales environment. The best order management system software can help companies centralize and automate their order management processes, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.
Retail Insights is the complete solution to your inventory management problems. We are the best order management system UK.

If you’re running out of stock, holding inventory for too long, or if you’re just tired of spreadsheets, then Retail Insights can help.

Take full control of your inventory with an all-in-one solution:

• manage purchases and sales in one place

• set reorder points to prevent running out of stock

• track stock across multiple locations

• scan barcodes to pick, receive, transfer, or ship

• assemble products from the bill of materials (BOM)

• generate barcodes and labels

• sell online through B2B Showroom

• pull eCommerce orders

Retail Insights is an Omnichannel Automation Solution provider that allows you to manage your Inventory, Orders, Shipping, and all other eCommerce operations automatically. It comes with a promise to raise the bar for every eCommerce operation with an ultra-modern design, easy-to-use interface, robust features, and seamless integrations with marketplaces, shopping carts, and accounting software in a unified business tool.

It streamlines and automates back-end processes and maintains a real-time inventory tracking system. Retail Insights comes with 24X7 support to its users, so you need not delay a single order, always!

How Retail Insights Help in Order Management System?

Retail Insights helps eCommerce businesses focus on growth while spending less time managing their back-office operations via one centralized platform.

  • Connect all your sales channels, merge inventory, and allow the stock to update automatically on all your shops once an order is made
  • Bulk update product prices and quantities across all sales channels
  • Get alerts when you’re low on stock
  • Re-order items by generating and sending PO to your suppliers in a matter of seconds
  • Connect all your couriers and print shipping labels with a couple of clicks
  • Track each sales channel performance, top-selling products, and your top customers in a single dashboard

Retail Insights assist in improving Order Management Efficiency !!

Having an efficient order management process is the key to a successful eCommerce business.  But is it that easy to have a fully functional and highly efficient order management system?

Definitely not, but if you follow the best practices to enhance the order management efficiency suggested by Retail Insights, it will become a bit easier.

Centralize all your orders in one system

A centralized order management software allows online sellers to easily sync all the orders that come from every selling channel, making it easy to access any information and perform tasks in one system.

Best Order management system UK

Real-time Sync of Information

Real-time syncing of information like stock levels, order status, placement, shipment, and other order-related updates, helps you track your orders. Instant order processing capabilities make your order fulfillment process efficient and on time, sparing you time to extend your market. You won’t have to worry about updating the stock level after each sale, as it will be done automatically using order management software that syncs in real-time.

Automate the Order Fulfillment Process

Automation has been emerging as the inevitable force in any and every industry for years. Yet many sellers haven’t realized the importance of automated order management software. Action-based automation can be set in order management software which can make your order fulfillment tasks much easier and quicker.

Best Order management system UK

Integrate with Suppliers
Order Management does not always mean having order issues with customers or when customer orders are exceeding the stock in hand. Order Management issues also arise from the supplier’s end. There are instances where suppliers don’t always have the product which you are looking for, or they run out of stock, or you need a product immediately but there is no availability. Well, in such cases, you surely wonder, only if you knew a little sooner. This is why it is a good call to integrate with your suppliers. You can connect with us as we provide the best order management system UK.

Best Order management system UK
  • Maintain Accuracy at all Levels
    An order management software that centralizes orders and automates them in real-time, should be doing it with the accuracy needed. Otherwise, it’s high time you change your order management software to a worthy one! Know how other businesses like yours prosper using accurate order management software.

Accuracy in the orders can be brought by keeping a wide eye open on your metrics! Keep a daily record of important metrics and know where you’re going wrong. Many sellers use reporting and analytic management software that allows them to leverage all their major back-end tasks’ performance in real time.

Best Order management system UK

To Conclude

Most of the larger small businesses want to use such subscription-based software but only some of them do – now you need to decide which category are you in?

Build a Solution approach, to stitch a myriad of different systems such as order management software, shipping carriers, accounting software, reporting tools, customer data, and warehouse management.

The retail Insights tech team helps your business to do the heavy lifting of O2O integrations, development, and automation testing workflows and processes. 

Connect with us today on how we solved Inventory Challenges for retailers/brands with the right technology stack and implementations. We will give you our best as we provide the best order management system UK.

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5 New Year Ecommerce Trends for 2021: Future of Retail in a ‘Post Covid’ World

Future of Retail

So what’s the Future of Retail in a post covid? Well, the Future of Retail is achieving all new heights. Here is how.

  1. Free Returns & Fast Fulfilment will sweep everywhere
    OMS, Micro-fulfilment, Last mile Tech Solutions

2. Retailers will optimize omnichannel
Marketplaces, social media selling, their own e-commerce, in-store, catalogues and Watsup more aggressive integration of technologies

3. Subscription models to skyrocket as local high street blooms
For Example, Grocer offering up to five free deliveries per month for just INR 900 per month.

4. Strategic tech partnerships will be central to the success
Work with Specialist Omni Channel Tech Partner Retail Insights

5. Merchants to pay close attention to customer experience
Product merchandise and on to follow up emails but it’s going to start to be looked at as a whole connected system

Future of Retail

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8 Reasons Why New Retailing Methods Are a Must – Buy, Sell and Return Anywhere


Retailing is defined as a set of activities or steps used to sell a product or a service to consumers for their personal or family use. It is responsible for matching the individual demands of the consumer with the supplies of all the manufacturers.


Retailing has become such an intrinsic part of our everyday lives that it is often taken for granted. The nations that have enjoyed the greatest economic and social progress have been those with a strong retail sector. Why has retailing become such a popular method of conducting business? The answer lies in the benefits that a vibrant retailing sector offers—easy access to a variety of products, freedom of choice, and high levels of customer service.

Retailing encompasses selling through the mail, the Internet, and door-to-door visits—any channel that could be used to approach the consumer. When manufacturers like Dell Computers sell directly to the consumer, they too become retailers.

In an era of globalization, liberalization, and a highly aware customer, a retailer is required to make a conscious effort to position himself distinctively to face the competition. This is determined to a great extent by the retail mix strategy followed by a company to sell its products.

The role of retailers in the present competitive environment has gained the attention of manufacturers because external parties, such as market intermediaries and supplying partners are becoming increasingly powerful. It is thus, necessary for the marketers of consumer products to identify the needs and motivations of their partners in the marketing channel.

8 Reasons Why New Retailing Methods Are a Must – Buy, Sell and Return Anywhere

1. Customers aren’t comfortable
2. Maintained customer relationships
3. Reintroducing the human element
4. Staggered selling of products and services
5. Inventory management efficiency
6. Staying competitive in a changing landscape
7. Complete customer-centricity on all channels
8. Evolving with the retail industry

For the best Retailing solutions talk to our Team of Architects and Business Analyst to experience how we have helped tier 1 Retailers/Brands from Retail Survivalists are NOW “The Kings of Convenience”


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Retail Insights answers questions to the business with value creation?

Retail Insights answers questions

1. How is omnichannel investment driving future business?
2. Most effective using mobile to create seamless customer experiences across channels?
3. How to seamlessly blend the digital and physical experience with IoT/Digital Technologies?
4. Insights and benefits of getting a single customer view, how do we distribute content across omnichannel marketing to boost sales?
5. Omnichannel innovation to strike the perfect balance between the store and online fulfillment for operations?

Retail Insights answers questions

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6 Ways in which Magento stands apart from contemporary Digital Commerce platforms

Ever since its original release in 2008, Magento has grown to become the world’s leading eCommerce platform with thousands of shopping carts being powered globally by this platform. In the world of open-source software, where longevity is unheard of, this platform has maintained its relevance and edge amidst a growing list of alternatives. What makes Magento website development highly sought-after and why is it so successful among its user base?

The following features make Magento the go-to e-commerce website development platform:

Open source: Magento is an open-source platform that is powered by PHP. Hence, it enjoys the support of thousands of developers around the globe who work throughout the year to offer free and diverse plugins which can expedite development!

Flexible CMS: It offers a highly robust content management system that allows you to build shopping carts that are rich in features and imagery. Thanks to its scalability, the shopping cart can be expanded with an increasing line-up of products without the requirement of an overhaul.

Digital Marketing friendly: It is highly optimized for digital marketing as it offers a variety of tools that are SEO friendly and includes features such as customizable Meta tags and URLs. This helps boost the discoverability of individual product pages and thereby improves the ranking of the pages on your eCommerce website.

Easy Updates: As it is open source, building updates and patches for the website are quite easy and they can be rolled out without much ado. Due to the easy availability of PHP developers, custom plugins and web apps can be easily developed and integrated with the platform.

Responsive and mobile-friendly: In line with emerging mCommerce trends, retail businesses across the globe are targeting mobile shoppers. Here too, Magento offers an edge as it supports responsive designs and is mobile friendly.

Well-organized Back-end: The administration of the shopping cart is made comfortable owing to a highly effective back-end that boasts of an intuitive UI. This simplifies the task of maintaining multiple shopping websites, all of which can be maintained from a single backend.

Convinced by the advantages offered by the platform? Connect with us today as we are the best Magento-certified partners Dubai.

Partner with Retail Insights, a leading e-commerce development company with development centers in India and Europe. Magento certified partners Dubai.

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Retailers Integrate Across Channels

Retailers Integrate Across Channels

Retailers Integrate Across Channels

In 2015, retailers focused on either defining or evolving their digital strategy. Many concentrated on digital branding through traditional IT solutions such as email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications.
2016 retailers will focus on merging email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications into a single digital channel. This helps to achieve cross-channel integration, coming many steps closer to Omni channel engagement
This is a retail revolution in the making, enabled by a digital platform strategy that allows retailers to cocreate value across channels, partners, and potentially other industries or even competitors.
Bottom line: Fueled by secure networks, cloud enablement, agile development, social engagement, and mobile empowerment, many retailers will look to merge their business and digital strategies with a platform strategy to build an ecosystem for their brand through real-time engagement with buyers, sellers and a multitude of third parties.
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Digital Channels and New Revenue Streams (Define, Engineer and Execute – Walk the Talk)

Digital Channels
1.         30-60-90 day objectives with X sales commitment
2.         Identify features in Development Roadmap
3.         Integration with Enterprise Applications for merchandise flexibility
4.         Infra Management /Application Support for Continuity
5.         Merchandise Event Panning
6.         Digital Marketing Execution
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