Why Java Spring Boot Microservices Architecture is Important for E-commerce | Retail Insights

Java Spring Boot Microservices
In today's fast-paced world, businesses are striving to be more agile, responsive, and scalable. One of the approaches gaining popularity is a microservices architecture. Microservices architecture is a way of designing software applications as a collection of small, independent services that communicate through APIs. Retail Insights, a supporter of the MACH alliance, firmly believes in microservices architecture as the future of software development, especially for omnichannel commerce businesses. Read More...

Magento: The Perfect eCommerce Platform for Grocery Retailers

Adobe Commerce for Grocery Retailers
If you're a grocery retailer looking for an eCommerce platform that can cater to your needs, look no further than Adobe Commerce, powered by MACH Architecture. Here's why: Progressive Web App (PWA) with GraphQL and React Frontend One of the most significant advantages of Adobe Commerce is its support for PWAs. With a PWA, your customers can access your online store from their mobile devices without the need to download a separate app. This can lead to higher customer engagement and better Read More...

Order Management System For Smarter Salesforce

Automate real-time orders and returns – eliminate manual bottlenecks Businesses must use an order management system to effectively manage purchase and sales orders in today's high-velocity sales environment. The best order management system software can help companies centralize and automate their order management processes, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.Retail Insights is the complete solution to your inventory management problems. We are the best order management system Read More...

5 New Year Ecommerce Trends for 2021: Future of Retail in a ‘Post Covid’ World

Future of Retail
So what's the Future of Retail in a post covid? Well, the Future of Retail is achieving all new heights. Here is how. Free Returns & Fast Fulfilment will sweep everywhereOMS, Micro-fulfilment, Last mile Tech Solutions 2. Retailers will optimize omnichannelMarketplaces, social media selling, their own e-commerce, in-store, catalogues and Watsup more aggressive integration of technologies 3. Subscription models to skyrocket as local high street bloomsFor Example, Grocer offering up to five free Read More...

Retail Insights answers questions to the business with value creation?

Retail Insights answers questions

1. How is omnichannel investment driving future business?
2. Most effective using mobile to create seamless customer experiences across channels?
3. How to seamlessly blend the digital and physical experience with IoT/Digital Technologies?
4. Insights and benefits of getting a single customer view, how do we distribute content across omnichannel marketing to boost sales?
5. Omnichannel innovation to strike the perfect balance between the store and online fulfillment for operations?

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6 Ways in which Magento stands apart from contemporary Digital Commerce platforms

Ever since its original release in 2008, Magento has grown to become the world’s leading eCommerce platform with thousands of shopping carts being powered globally by this platform. In the world of open-source software, where longevity is unheard of, this platform has maintained its relevance and edge amidst a growing list of alternatives. What makes Magento website development highly sought-after and why is it so successful among its user base? The following features make Magento the go-to Read More...

Retailers Integrate Across Channels



Retailers Integrate Across Channels
In 2015, retailers focused on either defining or evolving their digital strategy. Many concentrated on digital branding through traditional IT solutions such as email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications.
2016 retailers will focus on merging email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications into a single digital channel. Read More...

Digital Channels and New Revenue Streams (Define, Engineer and Execute – Walk the Talk)


1.         30-60-90 day objectives with X sales commitment
2.         Identify features in Development Roadmap
3.         Integration with Enterprise Applications for merchandise flexibility
4.         Infra Management /Application Support for Continuity
5.         Merchandise Event Panning
6.         Digital Marketing Execution
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