Magento: The Perfect eCommerce Platform for Grocery Retailers

If you’re a grocery retailer looking for an eCommerce platform that can cater to your needs, look no further than Adobe Commerce, powered by MACH Architecture. Here’s why:

Progressive Web App (PWA) with GraphQL and React Frontend

One of the most significant advantages of Adobe Commerce is its support for PWAs. With a PWA, your customers can access your online store from their mobile devices without the need to download a separate app. This can lead to higher customer engagement and better conversions. Adobe Commerce also supports GraphQL, a query language that enables fast and flexible data retrieval. And with React as the frontend technology, you can build high-performing and responsive web pages. Get adobe commerce for grocery retailers now.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Project

With Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully managed cloud environment. This means that Adobe takes care of the infrastructure, security, and updates, leaving you free to focus on your business. Adobe Commerce Cloud also comes with features such as autoscaling, disaster recovery, and global availability, making it a robust solution for businesses of all sizes.

Headless and Microservices

Adobe Commerce’s headless architecture allows you to decouple the frontend and backend of your online store, giving you more flexibility in design and functionality. You can also leverage microservices, which are modular and scalable building blocks that can be easily integrated with other systems.


Adobe Commerce is built on AWS, one of the most secure, reliable, and scalable cloud platforms available. With AWS, you can benefit from advanced security features, such as DDoS protection and network firewalls, as well as high availability and fault tolerance.

Customer Validation with ERP system Brilliant

Brilliant is an ERP system that integrates with Adobe Commerce to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With Brilliant, you can manage your inventory, orders, and finances in one place, while also gaining insights into your business performance.

Marketing Automation Functionalities

Adobe Commerce comes with a suite of marketing automation features that can help you engage with your customers and drive sales. These include personalized recommendations, email marketing, abandoned cart recovery, and more.

In addition to these features, Retail Insights has extensive experience in developing and integrating Magento-based eCommerce solutions. With over 20 Adobe Commerce projects delivered and 10+ years of Adobe Commerce development experience, Retail Insights can provide you with the expertise you need to succeed in eCommerce.

Retail Insights can also integrate Adobe Commerce with other best-of-breed technologies, such as Adobe Experience Manager, GA4, WMS, POS, OMS, CRM, EPR, and more, to provide you with a comprehensive and integrated frictionless Commerce solution. With Retail Insights as your partner, you can focus on your core business while leaving the technical details to us.

In conclusion, if you’re a grocery retailer looking for an eCommerce platform that can cater to your needs, Adobe Commerce for Grocery Retailers, powered by Magento, is an excellent choice. With its support for PWAs, headless architecture, AWS infrastructure, and marketing automation features, Adobe Commerce can provide you with a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly online store. And with Retail Insights as your technology implementation partner, you can rest assured that your Omnichannel Commerce solution is in good hands. Contact us today as we are the leading company for omnichannel commerce in UK.

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