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Post Go Live performance tuning for leading Grocery Retailers in Europe and Asia

A Replatform readying Manufacturing/B2B/Other Customers for a Digital Future

Migrated and modernized large data systems for large fashion retail enterprises

Built unified data pipelines for batch and real-time use cases, Live Commerce with Data in Motion, Customers for Life, Clickstream Analytics leading Fashion House

Provided crucial support during the holiday season, collaborating with over 50+ brands across different regions.

Flexible, cost-effective support, Blueyonder retail planning – Catman/Demand

Executing RLS/ICS/RTS London campaigns with AI-driven Retailing

Pioneered the certification process for the retail domain, targeting product managers and business analysts. This initiative aims to enhance expertise and proficiency in the retail sector

3d rendering humanoid robot with ai text in ciucuit pattern

Customer Testimonial:

In a market flooded with IT services companies offering certified Adobe Commerce Cloud support, RetailInsights stands out for its commitment to pairing technical assistance with comprehensive education and training for its clients. They deliver on this promise cost-effectively and with a proven process. For any business seeking reliable and ongoing support in this domain, RetailInsights is a solid choice.

Chief Information Officer, Farm Fresh Retailer

Project Spotlight of the Month: 

Major BI Platform Overhaul for a Leading Airport Retail and Logistics Firm

This past month, our team at RetailInsights successfully executed an ambitious Business Intelligence (BI) platform migration project for a prominent Travel and Logistics company in the United States. The project entailed the transition of their outdated BI reporting system to cutting-edge Power BI dashboards. This initiative was driven by several critical goals:

Data modernization and availability of analytical infrastructure

Platform and data migration to the cloud

Self-service analytics

High-end user experience

New-agile BI tools capabilities on Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine learning (ML) to Natural Language Querying

Our customer opted for PowerBI as their BI tool of choice, due to better synergies with O365 and other Microsoft products.

Regardless of what BI Platform you choose to migrate to, these 8 steps will ensure a highly effective, frictionless transition.

Step 1: Choosing the right BI Platform to Migrate to

Step 2: Rationalizing the Reports

Step 3: Conducting a BI User’s Analysis

Step 4: Leveraging Metadata Extracted Information

Step 5: Understanding the Data Architecture

Step 6: Preparing for New Requirements

Step 7: Analysis, Documentation, Design, Development, and Testing

Step 8: User Training, UAT, and Adoption

Team of the Month – 

Members: Abhishek Kini, Sairam Chettiar, Sai Krishna, Sushanth M., Ganapati, Suresh


Automated Deployments: Cut deployment time and errors.

Server Efficiency: Reduced overload and costs.

Faster Updates: Improved delivery speed for updates/features.

Simplified Client Environments: Streamlined complex setups.

Enhanced Security: Strengthened application protection.

Cost Optimization: Lowered infrastructure expenses.

Multi-Cloud Strategy: Enabled flexible cloud solutions.

Infrastructure Automation: Streamlined provisioning.

The DevOps team revolutionized our infrastructure, enhancing speed, security, and savings.

We also provide the best data security for your business as well as AI-driven solutions. To know more visit us today.


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