Unleashing the Power of Cloud Data Engineering in Retail: A Comprehensive Guide by Retail Insights

cloud data engineering

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the transformative realm of cloud data engineering and explore how it plays a pivotal role in reshaping the future of retail. Retail Insights excels in overcoming challenges such as Siloed Transactions, Generic Storefronts, Disconnected Experiences, and Predictive Recommendations. Unlike traditional digital agencies, we seamlessly orchestrate data, implement Headless Commerce, digitize stores, and establish autonomous workflows for a unified commerce strategy.

cloud data engineering

The New Era of Retailing:

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. At Retail Insights, we’re ushering in the new era of retailing with a focus on:

Connected Omnichannel:

Embrace a seamless shopping experience across various channels, from online to in-store, ensuring customers receive a consistent and integrated journey.

Real-time Edge Connected Data:

Leverage the power of real-time data at the edge to make informed decisions instantly. Stay ahead of customer trends and preferences with data-driven insights.

AI-powered Personalization and Store Digitization:

Implement cutting-edge AI solutions to personalize customer experiences and digitally transform your stores. Create engaging and tailored interactions that resonate with your audience.

Quick Facts about Retail Insights:

People: 250+

Clients: 70+

Technology Partners:

We’re proud to collaborate with leading technology partners in the industry, including Salesforce, Adobe, Shopify, Vtex, Blueyonder, Microsoft, Google, and Kantar.

Experience Services:

Our expertise extends across a spectrum of services, including Roadmap, Enterprise Architecture Strategy, and Engineering Solutions. We are committed to guiding you through every step of your retail journey.

Advanced Engineering at Retail Insights:

Explore our advanced engineering capabilities focusing on MACH – Full Stack with Modern Architecture. We empower businesses with scalable and future-ready technology solutions.

Data Engineering Excellence:

Our Data Engineering services encompass:

Efficient Pipelines:

Build robust data pipelines to ensure a smooth flow of information across your retail ecosystem.

AI/ML Workflows:

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain actionable insights from your data.

Modern BI/Visualizations:

Transform raw data into meaningful visuals, enabling informed decision-making at every level of your organization.

Blueprints for Accelerating in AI:

At Retail Insights, we provide blueprints for accelerating your AI initiatives, including:

Headless & PWA – B2C2B:

Unlock the potential of headless commerce and progressive web applications for a seamless B2C2B experience.

Blue Yonder Services:

Optimize your supply chain and logistics with our Blue Yonder services, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness in your operations.


Streamline your operations with Order Management Systems (OMS), Customer Data Platforms (CDP), and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions.

Kantar TPM Services:

Leverage our Kantar Trade Promotion Management (TPM) services to enhance your promotional strategies and drive sales.


As you navigate the dynamic landscape of retail, Retail Insights is your trusted partner for unlocking the full potential of cloud data engineering. Embrace the future with connected omnichannel experiences, real-time edge-connected data, and AI-powered personalization. Join us in the new era of retailing, where data is not just a tool but a strategic advantage. Connect with Retail Insights, and let’s redefine retail together.

Unlocking Retail Success: Your Guide to Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce and SCM Planning with Retail Insights

Blue Yonder

Welcome to Retail Insights, your premier implementation partner for Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce and SCM Planning Suite. As your trusted ally in implementation and managed services, we stand out with unparalleled expertise and a dedicated team deeply involved in Blue Yonder’s certifications and advisory processes.

Blue Yonder

Why Choose Retail Insights?

In-house Talent and 50+ BY Talent Pool:

Leverage our in-house talent and a pool of over 50 Blue Yonder experts to ensure comprehensive coverage and excellence in your Center of Excellence (COE).

Handpicked Techno-Functional Team:

Our team comprises handpicked techno-functional experts, including Delivery Leads, Tech Architects, and Business Analysts, guaranteeing the right skill set for your Blue Yonder implementation.

Blue Yonder’s Omnichannel Commerce Suite:

Whether you’re an emerging retailer or a global chain, Retail Insights ensures you harness the full potential of Blue Yonder’s Omnichannel Commerce Suite. From Demand Planning and Enterprise Planning to Assortment Planning, Pricing, and Promotions, our expertise covers the entire spectrum, including Micro/Macro, Space Planning, Assortment Optimization, Planogram Generator, Category Knowledge Base, Demand and Fulfillment, and Warehouse Management.

Implementation Options:

End-to-End Implementation:

Follow architecture best practices and manage projects effectively with predictable costs, timelines, and resources.


Collaborate with Retail Insights for a coordinated approach between your team and ours, ensuring seamless product implementation.

Specific Services:

Outsource specific activities in the product lifecycle, such as testing, documentation, or implementation, for a tailored approach to your needs.

Why Retail Insights?

In summary, Retail Insights is your dedicated partner for maximizing the potential of Blue Yonder Commerce Solutions. Whether you require implementation, consulting, or additional utilities, we are committed to ensuring your success in the ever-evolving retail landscape.


Choose Retail Insights as your go-to System Integrator for budget-friendly alternatives, Nearshore solutions (India, Dubai, USA, UK), and seamless plug-and-play applications. Your success in the retail industry starts with the right implementation partner – Retail Insights.

Unleash the Power of AI-Driven Retailing with Retail Insights at NRF 2024!

AI Driven Retailing

AI Driven Retailing

Hey there! 👋 Planning to attend NRF in January? Dive into the future of retail with Retail Insights @ AI Driven Retailing! Join us as we showcase groundbreaking AI-driven solutions reshaping the Omnichannel landscape.

AI Driven Retailing

Discover a New Age System Integrator that unlocks the potential of UNIFIED COMMERCE STRATEGY. Gain insights into AI-driven commerce for CONNECTED OMNICHANNEL, EDGE CONNECTED DATA IN REAL-TIME || AI POWERED STORE DIGITIZATIONS.

Why Retail Insights?

🌐 Your Trusted System Integrator Partner for budget-friendly alternatives.

🌍 Nearshore presence in India, Dubai, USA, UK.

🔌 Plug-and-play applications for seamless integration.

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Speak Retail, Execute Retail, Live Retail – tailored for Manufacturers, Brands, and Retail Houses!

Accredited Solution Partners:

Salesforce Commerce

Adobe (Magento)


Shopify Plus


Fluent Commerce


Azure Data Factory

Google Cloud Platform

Don’t miss out on the future of retail! We are thrilled to connect with you at NRF 2024. 🌟

Revolutionizing Retail: Unveiling the Future with Retail Insights, Your AI-Driven System Integrator Partner – NRF Booth #12  54

System Integrator

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, staying ahead requires more than just monitoring storefronts and digital apps. It demands critically evaluating your System Integrator (SI) or Agency. Your retail endeavors’ success hinges on your chosen partner’s capabilities.

System Integrator

Introducing RetailInsights, the leading System Integrator Partner specializing in AI-driven commerce. Booth #1254 at NRF is where you’ll find us, ready to transform your retail game.

Unleashing the Power of RetailInsights

At RetailInsights, we excel in overcoming complex challenges such as Siloed Transactions, Generic Storefronts, and Disconnected Experiences. We empower you to move beyond the limitations of mediocre SIs and digital agencies.

Key Offerings:

Seamless Data Orchestration: We construct a unified commerce strategy for flawless data flow.

Headless Commerce: Embrace the future with a headless commerce approach.

Store Digitization: Elevate your retail presence through advanced store digitization.

Autonomous Workflows: Streamline your operations with AI-driven autonomous workflows.

Assessing Your System Integrator: What Matters?

When evaluating your SI, consider these crucial factors:

Expertise & Background: Validate success through case studies and references.

Adaptability: Ensure customization to your unique requirements and workflows.

Technology Stack: Leverage modern, scalable tools for optimal performance.

Portfolio & Record: Confirm experience with similar businesses.

Integration Skills: Look for specific system integration experience.

Responsiveness: Gauge their promptness in addressing your inquiries.

Support & Maintenance: Ensure ongoing maintenance for current integrations.

Why Choose RetailInsights?

Discover why RetailInsights is your trusted System Integrator Partner for:

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Nearshore Presence (India, Dubai, USA, UK)

Retail Tech Platforms

AI-Driven Plug-and-Play Applications

Elevate Your Retail Game

Connect with us at booth #1254 and let’s embark on a journey to speak, execute, and live retail. Join forces with RetailInsights and redefine the future of retail for Manufacturers, Brands, and Retail Houses.

Unlocking Opportunities in Challenging Times

While store traffic may be down, we believe sales don’t need to follow suit. The key lies in improving shopper conversion through optimized omni-channel strategies. From Marketplaces and Live Shopping to Conversational Commerce, we drive aggressive integration of technologies for both e-commerce and in-store experiences.

Future-Ready Retail Solutions

Explore the following trends shaping the future of retail:

Free Returns & Fast Fulfillment: Sweeping everywhere with OMS, Micro-fulfillment, and Last-mile Tech Solutions.

SI Specialization: Tackling challenges like Siloed Transactions, Generic Storefronts, and Disconnected Experiences head-on.

Join Retail Insights at NRF Booth #1254 and be part of the retail revolution. Let’s navigate the challenges, optimize opportunities, and elevate your retail game together. #RetailInsights #NRF2024

Revolutionizing Retail with the Next-Gen System Integrator Partner

System Integrator Partner

System Integrator Partner

In the dynamic retail landscape, businesses must adapt to evolving trends and technologies to stay competitive. Is your current system integrator equipped to navigate the challenges of modern retail? Let’s explore the key services and advantages of partnering with Retail Insights, your premier AI-driven Retail System Integrator.

System Integrator Partner

Section 1: Does Your System Integrator Fit the Bill?

In the fast-paced world of retail, it’s crucial to assess whether your system integrator aligns with the demands of the industry. Discover how Retail Insights addresses challenges like Siloed Transactions, Generic Storefronts, Disconnected Experiences, and Predictive Recommendations.

Section 2: Transition to a Modern System Integrator

Experience the transformation from traditional Digital Agencies to a Modern System Integrator. Retail Insights excels in seamlessly orchestrating data, implementing Headless Commerce, digitizing stores, and establishing autonomous workflows for a unified commerce strategy.

Section 3: Key Services

Explore Retail Insights’ key services, including:

  • Commerce Service
  • Data Service
  • AI-powered Store Apps
  • Blueyonder Services

Section 4: Data on Real-Time

Dive into the real-time data capabilities provided by Retail Insights:

  • Reducing Out-of-stock Issues
  • Omnichannel Sales Attribution
  • E-commerce KPIs
  • Campaign management system
  • Data Lake that Blends
  • Personalization
  • Assortment Planning
  • Trade Allowances

Section 5: System Integrator Partner for AI-driven Commerce

Discover how Retail Insights serves as the ideal partner for AI-driven commerce with:

  • Proximity+
  • Co-Build +
  • Learning+

Section 6: Plug and Play in Minutes

Learn how Retail Insights facilitates a seamless transition by addressing issues such as Siloed Transactions, Generic Storefronts, Disconnected Experiences, and Predictive Recommendations. Explore the benefits of data orchestration, Headless Commerce, and store digitization through a unified commerce strategy.

Section 7: Transitioning from Digital Agencies

Uncover the advantages of transitioning to a Modern System Integrator with Retail Insights. Live and execute retail in the new era, exploring budget-friendly alternatives and convenient Nearshore options in India, Dubai, USA, and the UK.


In conclusion, Retail Insights emerges as the go-to Modern System Integrator Partner for businesses seeking a revolutionary approach to retail. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, seamless data orchestration, and a commitment to client success, Retail Insights is poised to elevate your retail experience in the connected omnichannel era.