Transforming the World’s Largest Cosmetics Company: A Shopify Plus Success Story with Retail Insights

Reimagining the Cosmetics Industry with Retail Insights and Shopify Plus

In the ever-evolving cosmetics industry, keeping pace with trends isn’t just a challenge—it’s a vital necessity. The world’s largest cosmetics company understood this imperative all too well. In a constantly shifting industry landscape, they needed a cutting-edge unified commerce solution to streamline site operations, enhance product quality, harmonize data, and expand their global digital footprint. Enter Retail Insights, working seamlessly with Shopify Plus, the catalyst behind their transformative journey towards omnichannel excellence.

The Challenge:

As a premier beauty and wellness brand with a massive global presence, the company set ambitious goals: to double revenue and extend product reach to a broader consumer base. Historically B2B-focused, they grappled with persistent issues in the customer journey and technical hiccups, diverting their attention away from crafting an exceptional digital experience. Manual content and product management processes only exacerbated their internal workload.

The Execution:

Retail Insights leveraged the power of Shopify Plus to fuel their direct-to-consumer (D2C) expansion. A comprehensive discovery process delved into the company’s aspirations and visual identity. On the backend, the focus was on creating a seamless management experience, enabling internal teams to effortlessly curate content on their new website.

By harnessing the expertise of Retail Insights and the capabilities of Shopify Plus, we optimized user journeys and shopping experiences. This was achieved through the implementation of Shopify Headless, Headless CMS, WishList functionality, single-page checkout, global expansion capabilities, and user-generated content. We seamlessly integrated third-party solutions to forge stronger customer connections, including loyalty-building reviews, enhanced product searches powered by Klevu, data-driven relationship nurturing through marketing technology, and AI-driven quizzes and surveys for personalized interactions.

An analytics layer (data fabric) was crafted to extract profound insights from over 100 million loyalty members. Additionally, an Audience Manager was instituted to create custom segments for precisely targeted campaigns.