Revolutionizing Commerce: Unleashing Real-Time Data for New-Era Triumph at NRF 2024

connected omnichannel

In the rapidly evolving realm of new-era commerce, the right data strategy can be the key to success. At Retail Insights, we’re dedicated to not just managing data but harnessing it for Conversational and Assisted Commerce. Join us on this journey as we delve into the transformative power of real-time data and its impact on the future of retail. Let’s see how Connected Omnichannel is changing the retail industry.

connected omnichannel

Connected Omnichannel Excellence

Are siloed transactions, generic storefronts, and disconnected retail experiences hindering your progress? It’s time to transition to a seamlessly connected omnichannel approach. Our strategies focus on breaking free from these limitations, providing a unified and engaging customer journey.

Data-Driven Excellence: A Shift from Marketing Inefficiencies to Real-Time Engagement

Are you facing challenges such as app and web tracking discrepancies, limited on-time engagement, and lost transactions across channels? Discover how Retail Insights leverages real-time data to eliminate marketing inefficiencies and enhance engagement across web, mobile, CRM, and in-store channels.

AI-Powered Solutions for Enhanced Commerce

Navigating data challenges in upselling, promo recommendations, and availability? Our comprehensive solutions include Engineering Data, Data Modernization, and AI/ML-enabled workflows. Dive into the world of Data Science/ML, AI Engineering, ML Products and Platforms, Application Engineering, and Modern BI/visualization.

Why Choose Retail Insights?

As a system integrator for AI-driven commerce, we specialize in seamless integration. Our scalable architecture ensures real-time analytics, while plug-and-play applications add convenience to the process.

Transforming Your Commerce Strategy

Ready to break free from the constraints of traditional commerce? Book a complimentary consultation with Retail Insights to identify root causes and embark on a collaborative development approach tailored to your business needs. Elevate your commerce strategy with Retail Insights at NRF 2024!

In conclusion, the future of retail lies in the effective utilization of real-time data. Retail Insights is your partner in this journey, offering innovative solutions to propel your business into new-era commerce. Stay tuned for more insights into the future of retail, where success is defined by data-driven strategies. Visit us today to know more.

Empowering Retail Success with AI

Harness the power of value-driven AI using generative and predictive AI to propel your retail business toward lasting success.

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the retail landscape

Accurate and organized data is essential for any business’s growth. Retail Insights Intelligent Content Engine can tag eCommerce products with rich attributes and extract meaningful information from images, texts, and videos. This helps retailers automate data collection and enrichment, enabling ROI-driven decision-making for a wide range of applications.

  1. Extract, enrich, and organize product data from various sources for easy access by all applications
  2. Tag products to ensure it is easily searchable & discoverable by shoppers
  3. Assess the quality of product images to ensure they meet business guidelines in real-time

AI in retail has empowered businesses with high-level data and information that is leveraged into improved retail operations and new business opportunities. In fact, it is estimated that $40 billion of additional revenue was driven by AI in retail in a 3-year span.

Reduce costs and improve ROI with AI

Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence & Automation for Retail

Retailers across the globe trust our Digital Experience Management (DXM) suite as both their revenue growth driver and their cost-saving engine. They use the suite to personalize and curate the customer experience while also enabling end-to-end retail automation across site merchandising, product, eCommerce & marketing operations.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in retail:

Inventory & Content Management

Product Tagging & Content Generation

Taxonomy Management

Image Quality Moderation

Customer Experience Management

Site Personalization

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Search & Discovery

Intelligent Retail Automation

Product Photography Automation

Site Merchandising & Productivity Tools

Virtual Dressing Room

Impact Driven for Retailers

25x Average ROI for personalization customers

20% of Transactions for customers happen via our visits

20M Products purchased via our visit

Grow your online grocery business with AI

Bring the in-store grocery shopping experience online. Our AI understands your catalog in-depth and powers unique experiences based on every shopper’s tastes & preferences.

Artificial Intelligence crafted to match grocery eCommerce business goals

Retail Insights allows every retailer to customize AI personalization models to work best for their business. The systems build nuanced flavor profiles for every shopper by learning from their actions on the site and mapping it to rich product data. Using this, the AI finds and brings to the surface through the shopping journey, the products in the catalog that the shopper would most likely purchase.

Impact driven for retailers

80% uplift in conversion rate

50% decrease in personnel requirement

85% reduced time to market

30% increase in unique product views

12.9% of total business revenue directly attributable to us

Customer success story: Leading FMCG Retailer, for instance, recognized the potential to enhance its customer engagement strategies by seamlessly merging loyalty data from both online and offline touchpoints. The retailer aimed to elevate recommendations and interactions spanning in-store, eCommerce, and mobile loyalty applications. To achieve this goal, they employed an innovative technique known as identity resolution, a process powered by AI. This groundbreaking approach allowed them to seamlessly integrate information sourced from diverse customer databases, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive Single Customer View, often referred to as the “Golden Customer Profile.


Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing Customer Data Accuracy through Machine Learning-Based Duplicate Detection

Problem: Identifying and Removing Customer Records Duplicates 

Your company has a robust database that has taken years to cultivate. The problem is there might actually be thousands of duplicate records hiding in plain sight. 

Databases that contain duplicate customer records is a common problem. Marketers that have trouble achieving a single customer view see effective linkage as the main barrier to creating a truly customized, personalized, cross-channel marketing strategy. According to a 2021 State of Personalization Report, 60% of shoppers say they are “likely” to become a repeat buyer after a personalized shopping experience, up from 44% in 2017. Without achieving a single customer view, your marketing and sales team will face barriers in creating and developing personalization strategies. 

As IMPACT reports, there are many ways that duplicate data can negatively affect your sales and marketing returns. For example, you could be spending double the money to reach the same customers twice, thus negatively impacting your outreach and appearing as spam. Other issues include a decrease in email marketing deliverability, customer confusion and frustration, and a lack of personalization. 

The best practice marketing techniques require a single customer view, but duplicates can be difficult and time-consuming to find and correct. 

Solution: Duplicate Detection Using Machine Learning

Duplicate detection machine learning makes it easy to identify when multiple records are likely to be for the same customer, making sure your database is in prime operating condition. 

Eliminating duplicate customer records will allow your marketing and sales teams to deliver a clearer, more accurate, and customized message; saving your company time, effort, and money. 

Why Retail Insights: Eliminate Database Duplicate Data with Ease

Considering doing a database cleanup without AI? Database queries for duplicates will not find spelling mistakes, typos, missing values, changes of address, or people who left out their middle name. The solution to these duplication problems is to use fuzzy matching instead of looking for exact matches. Fuzzy matching is a computer-assisted technique to score the similarity of data. 

Before you get frustrated, consider that Retail Insights pioneered automated machine learning, and offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for optimizing and accelerating the development and deployment of AI applications. Our automated text mining and state-of-the-art algorithms are perfect for analyzing customer records, helping you turn an overwhelming administrative project into a focused task that adds immediate value. 


Python: For machine learning and scripting.

Scikit-learn: Machine learning library.

Pandas: Data manipulation and preprocessing.

Fuzzywuzzy: Fuzzy string matching library.

Jaccard Similarity: Measure for set similarity.

Flask: Web framework for creating APIs.

AWS, GCP, Azure: Cloud platforms for deployment and scaling.

Let’s get your database cleaned up and move ahead with confidence.

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Revamp Your IT Operations with Our DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services

Experience the Power of DevOps to Revolutionize Your Retail Operations

In the fast-paced world of retail, staying ahead of the competition requires agility, innovation, and the ability to deliver high-quality software rapidly. At Retail Insights, we understand the challenges you face in transforming your IT operations. That’s why we offer comprehensive DevOps consulting services designed to unlock the full potential of your organization.

DevOps Consulting Services
Consulting Advisory Assistance Suggestion Guidance Concept

Introducing DevOps: Accelerate Your Software Delivery

DevOps is a transformative approach that unites your development and operations teams, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly and deliver software with unprecedented speed and efficiency. By leveraging our end-to-end DevOps consulting services, you can achieve enhanced software release dependability and frequency, empowering your business to thrive in the digital era.

Discover Our DevOps Consulting Service Offerings

At Retail Insights, we have curated a range of specialized DevOps consulting services tailored to your unique needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your goals and devise a customized plan aligned with your business objectives. Explore our offerings below:

DevOps Assessment and Planning: Uncover the Path to Success

We provide comprehensive DevOps assessment and planning services that help identify areas of improvement within your organization. Our experts will work collaboratively with your team, conducting a thorough analysis to pinpoint bottlenecks and develop effective solutions. With our guidance, you can implement strategies that optimize your operations and drive tangible results.

Pilot Framework Creation: Testing the Waters for Success

Embark on your DevOps journey with confidence by creating a pilot framework tailored to your unique requirements. Our skilled DevOps consulting team utilizes industry-standard tools and best practices to design a controlled environment for testing and evaluating your DevOps processes. By doing so, you can fine-tune your approach and ensure maximum effectiveness before full-scale implementation.

DevOps Process Implementation: Streamline Your Software Development Lifecycle

Streamlining your software development lifecycle is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. Our end-to-end DevOps process implementation services enable you to identify bottlenecks, automate manual tasks, and optimize workflows. As a result, you can achieve faster time-to-market, improved software quality, and reduced costs, all while enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations.

CI/CD Pipeline: Deliver Software at the Speed of Innovation

Stay ahead of the competition by implementing a robust Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Our DevOps experts will guide you in designing and implementing an efficient pipeline that automates your build, test, and deployment processes. This empowers you to confidently release new features and bug fixes to your customers, accelerating your software delivery cycle.

Process Automation: Unleash Efficiency and Productivity

Manual tasks and repetitive workflows can slow down your operations and hinder innovation. Our process automation services leverage industry-leading tools and technologies to automate your tasks and workflows. Our experienced team will work closely with you to identify areas suitable for automation, design and implement automation scripts, and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.

DevSecOps: Integrating Security into Your Development Process

Security is a paramount concern in today’s digital landscape. With our DevSecOps consulting and development services, you can seamlessly integrate security into your DevOps processes. Our experts will help you identify and mitigate security risks throughout the software development lifecycle, ensuring that your applications are secure, compliant, and resilient in the face of potential threats.

Security Integration: Building a Secure Foundation

Building secure software requires a comprehensive approach. Our security integration services enable you to embed security controls into your software development process seamlessly. Our team will assist you in implementing security testing tools, integrating security into your CI/CD pipeline, and developing robust security policies and procedures. With our expertise, you can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your applications.

Unlock the Full Potential of DevOps with Retail Insights

Our DevOps solutions offer a myriad of value-added benefits that empower your organization to thrive in the competitive retail landscape:

Automated infrastructure provisioning: Reduce errors and save time by automating the creation and configuration of the infrastructure required for your applications.

Resiliency: Design systems that can withstand and recover quickly from failures, ensuring uninterrupted operations and enhanced reliability.

Increased agility: Break down silos between teams, fostering collaboration and enabling faster feedback loops, leading to reduced time-to-market and enhanced agility.

Enhanced quality: Emphasize continuous testing, integration, and delivery to produce higher-quality software and minimize the risk of defects reaching production.

Improved innovation: Foster a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement, enabling your teams to test and deploy changes safely and drive innovation.

Reduced outages: Proactively monitor systems, identify potential issues before they occur, and automate the recovery process, minimizing the impact of outages on your operations.

Scalability: Seamlessly scale your infrastructure based on demand, leveraging automated provisioning processes and empowering your teams to meet customer needs effectively.

Custom-developed monitoring solution: Leverage tailored monitoring solutions to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, optimizing the performance of your systems and applications.

Explore Our DevOps Tools & Platforms

To ensure a successful DevOps journey, we harness the power of cutting-edge automation technologies and platforms. Our expertise spans a wide range of tools and platforms, including:

Continuous integration: Git, Github, Jenkins, Selenium

Code Management: Gitlab, GitHub

Microservices: Amazon ECS, Docker, Kubernetes

Continuous testing: BlazeMeter

Security: Burpsuite, Wireshark

Configuration management: Ansible, TerraForm

Cloud: Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack

Monitoring: Splunk, Slack

Elevate Your Retail Operations with Retail Insights

At Retail Insights, we understand the unique challenges faced by retailers in today’s competitive landscape. Our DevOps consulting services empower your organization to transform your IT operations, achieve higher software release dependability and frequency, and stay ahead of the curve. Partner with us and unlock the full potential of DevOps to revolutionize your retail business today.

Success Story: Transforming FMCG Retailer Operations with DevOps Consulting

Retail Insights partnered with a leading FMCG retailer company to revolutionize its IT operations through our advanced DevOps consulting services. By integrating development and operations teams, we enabled a digital transformation that enhanced their business architecture and positioned them as industry leaders.

Through a thorough DevOps assessment and planning phase, we identified key areas for improvement in their infrastructure. Leveraging our expertise, we designed a high-level business architecture that seamlessly integrated their software development lifecycle with efficient DevOps processes.

Implementing a pilot framework, we meticulously tested and evaluated their DevOps processes in a controlled environment. Using industry-standard tools and best practices, we created a customized framework tailored to their complex requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Our end-to-end DevOps process implementation streamlined their software development lifecycle, eliminating bottlenecks and automating manual tasks. This accelerated their time-to-market, improved software quality, and reduced costs, optimizing overall efficiency.

Designing and implementing a robust CI/CD pipeline was a major milestone. Through automation, we enabled continuous delivery of innovative software, reducing time-to-market and enhancing their competitive edge.

Process automation played a crucial role in enhancing efficiency. We identified areas suitable for automation and implemented scripts using industry-leading tools, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives and innovation.

Security integration was a top priority. Our DevSecOps services identified and mitigated risks, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability throughout the software development lifecycle.

Our cloud infrastructure consulting services deployed and managed their infrastructure, leveraging Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenStack. This allowed seamless scalability and optimal performance.

Containerization of their applications increased scalability and portability. Utilizing Amazon ECS, Docker, and Kubernetes, we streamlined deployment across different environments.

Through site reliability engineering (SRE) consulting, we improved reliability and availability. Implementing best practices, disaster recovery strategies, and ongoing support minimized downtime.

Our disaster recovery strategy ensured their applications remained available during disruptions. By identifying risks and providing continuous support, we safeguarded their operations.

The DevOps engagement brought numerous benefits, including automated infrastructure provisioning, enhanced resilience, increased agility, improved quality, and reduced outages.

Our custom monitoring solution empowered data-driven decisions, optimizing system performance and driving continuous improvement.

Through our DevOps consulting, Retail Insights transformed the pharmacy company’s IT operations, unlocking its full potential. We revolutionized their digital landscape, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

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TRI OMS – Perfect Middleware

Order Management System: The Heart of Omnichannel Retailing

In the previous post, we discussed why the order management system (OMS) is the heart of omnichannel retailing and why Retail Insights is the right implementation partner for OMS. In this post, we will dive into the features and benefits of Retail Insights’ OMS

Features of Retail Insights Order Management System

With Retail Insights’ OMS, retailers can manage their inventory across all channels from a single platform, ensuring that they never run out of stock or overstock. This unified inventory management capability provides retailers with real-time visibility and control over their stock levels.

Order Routing and Orchestration

Retail Insights’ OMS allows retailers to route orders to the most appropriate location for fulfillment based on factors such as stock availability, location, and shipping time. By intelligently orchestrating the order routing process, retailers can ensure that orders are fulfilled efficiently and cost-effectively.

Custom Workflows and Integrations

Retail Insights’ OMS can be customized to meet the specific needs of retailers. It offers the flexibility to create custom workflows and integrations with other retail systems such as point-of-sale and e-commerce platforms. This level of customization empowers retailers to tailor the system according to their unique business processes.

Real-time Order Tracking in Order Management System

Retail Insights’ OMS provides real-time tracking of orders across all channels, enabling retailers to keep customers informed of their order status. The ability to track orders in real-time help improve transparency reduces customer inquiries, and allows for proactive problem-solving.

Returns Management

Retail Insights’ OMS provides a centralized system for returns management across all channels. This centralized approach makes it easy for retailers to process returns and exchanges quickly and efficiently. By streamlining the returns process, retailers can enhance customer satisfaction and build trust.

Benefits of Retail Insights OMS

Retail Insights’ OMS streamlines the order management process, reducing manual intervention and improving operational efficiency. By automating various tasks and providing a centralized platform, the OMS eliminates bottlenecks and enhances productivity.

Improved Customer Experience with Order Management System

With Retail Insights’ OMS, retailers can provide customers with a seamless shopping experience across all channels. By ensuring accurate inventory information, efficient order fulfillment, and timely communication, retailers can enhance customer satisfaction and foster loyalty.

Data-driven Decision Making

Retail Insights’ OMS provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing retailers to gain insights into their business. By leveraging data-driven insights, retailers can make informed decisions related to inventory management, demand forecasting, and customer preferences.

Cost Savings

Retail Insights’ OMS enables retailers to use their inventory more efficiently, reducing stockouts and overstocking. By optimizing inventory levels and minimizing shipping costs, retailers can achieve significant cost savings and improve their bottom line.


Retail Insights’ OMS is highly scalable and can support retailers of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Whether a retailer is experiencing rapid growth or expanding into new markets, the OMS can seamlessly scale to meet the evolving needs of the business.

In conclusion, Retail Insights’ OMS is a feature-rich and scalable solution that can help retailers manage their orders efficiently across all sales channels. Connect with us today as we are the best Order Management System provider in UK, USA, Dubai & India.

Leverage Omnichannel to provide Shoppers with Incredible and Frictionless Experiences

Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping

Discover how India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network, with over 4500 outlets in key locations achieved its business needs by working with Retail Insights to accelerate its business. Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping

Retail Insights helps India’s largest drugs solve warehouse, delivery, and support issues.

Upgrading its digital assets to meet these challenges. The company has 3000 stores that distribute pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics, and CPG items.

Warehouse bottlenecks that were adversely affecting its ability to accommodate the increasing number of customers requesting home delivery. The company devised a solution and turned to Retail Insights Commerce as an implementation partner.

Rather than opting for full-scale deployment of strategic and analytic services, adopted suggestions for technical full-stack team extension and an incremental approach to problem resolution.

Retail Insights provided highly targeted support—including a business analyst with a full-stack development team—to address each issue. Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping. We provide the best omnichannel commerce technologies in Dubai.

The client is India’s largest pharmacy chain and is the most credible and established online pharmacy in India. It delivers 100% original medicines and products. It is believed to offer super-fast home delivery for all healthcare essentials. Rapid deliveries of medicines are available online, and in some cities, deliveries are done in less than 24 hours.

They have achieved credibility in the healthcare industry with the world’s best medical specialists.

They have more than 5000 products in various categories like Vitamins and Supplements, Baby Care, Personal Care, Health & Nutrition Foods, and OTC. In addition to this, they have more than 400 Brand Products in the following categories like vitamins and supplements, health food, oral care, skincare, personal care, baby care, OTC, etc.

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How customer experience can help you meet your business needs

Customer Experience Retail Insights
Customer Experience with true Omnichannel Integrations

A retail customer experience is an overall journey your customers have from the moment they see your store to the moment they leave and with the omnichannel solution it could be a better and more seamless experience.

It is your company’s chance to shine amongst competitors, and showcase its unique approach to creating an in-store experience that will leave customers coming back for more.

We’re here to help you create an experience that lets you find your customers’ needs and deliver them a business outcome.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what a retail customer experience is and how it can strengthen your company’s branding, help you reach new customers, improve on-the-floor engagement with staff members, and offer the best possible shopping experiences for your clients.

Importance of retail customer experience

A remarkable customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of any business. A positive customer experience promotes loyalty, helps you retain customers, and encourages brand advocacy.

According to a study performed by Forrester Research in 2011, online reviews had a far larger impact on B2C purchases than any other factor. This is true for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Consider an example when the CEO of Zappos changed company policy to offer a $5 rebate for every bad review posted about the company – their revenue still increased by 12%. It’s safe to say that customer reviews are an essential part of any retail business’ success.

Zagat is one of the most trusted guides for rating restaurants and entertainment venues worldwide, allowing users to review and rate venues based on their dining experiences.

To enhance your retail customer experience, it’s important to take time out of your day to focus on making every interaction with every customer an enjoyable one. 

The RetailInsights Your Technology Partner, (solutions and partner ecosystem) to help you handle customer service issues, enhance client loyalty, and inspire your customers to become brand ambassadors.

How to Improve CX

Improve CX with Retail Insights

Identify your best consumers without disrupting the shopping experience. Provide ample training and make sure they know your merchandise inside and out.

 This means not only providing the products they want but also giving outstanding service and the best possible in-store and online consistent experiences. 

  1. Hyper-Personalization 
  2. Customer Surveys – Know the Unknown
  3. Order Fulfillment
  4. Hasslefree Returns
  5. Amazing Helpdesk
  6. Advocacy

Whether you’re running any business with consumers facing each of these three crucial factors will help yield fantastic results for your business.

What defines Retail Insight? We consistently deliver projects on time and we never fail on promises. Our certified partnerships and domain expertise ensure success — the first time.

•Modular architecture. It supports more agile delivery, faster time to market, and improved experiences across all touchpoints. 

•Embrace an API-first headless architecture without the complexity and risk of being locked into a specific vendor, allowing for components to be added in/out as and when they are needed

•Open ecosystem. It empowers brands to assemble best-of-breed solutions using various accelerators, third-party applications, pre-composed solutions, and best practices

Salesforce, Adobe, Blueyonder, Mulesoft, Kantar, Fluent Commerce, and so on.

Retail Insights – Your Omnichannel Technology Partner

Retail Insights helped the largest Furniture retailer with a set of brand new modules namely Catalog Automations, Curbside Pickup, Market Place, Darkstore, Multi-Vendor, ship from store, promotion engine along with the latest technology framework on headless, PWA, and mobile native apps. 

Engineering by a multitude of enterprise APIs called Composable Commerce with M, E, A/R, N, Java spring, Django/Python, React Native, Spring boots Edge Computing (AI).

The client is one of the largest Fashion Luxury retailers in UAE with more than 500+ stores EMEA Region. A catalog-only site with limited eCommerce capabilities was limiting the client’s online sales.

The need of the hour was to build a strong Digital Commerce presence in a phased manner to improve sales and reduce dependency on physical stores.

Retail Insights was chosen as a prime partner to implement the complete omnichannel journey in multiple phases.

We introduced microservices architecture, adopted design patterns that enabled the separation of business logic & app UI, redesigned CMS components, product pages, and cart flow, and rolled out a next-generation, cloud-based eCommerce platform.

For this execution, we used Salesforce Commerce B2C platform for web, store, and mobile offered a seamless customer experience across channels, and a flourishing e-commerce website with rich features including click and collect, delivery lead times, AR, recommendation, salesforce einstein, order orchestration, wallets, gift cards, and back-office led to an exponential increase in sales.

Retail Insights helped the largest gourmet food retailer with a set of brand new modules namely subscription, click and collects, ship from store, dark store, cloud kitchen, promotion engine along with the latest technology framework on headless, PWA, and mobile native apps. 

To provide these services all functions are native in Magento Enterprise Cloud, Mobile Engineering, and PWA. 

The Look & Feel (UI) integration was done as per the brand guidelines and Implementing end to end the journey with True Omni Channel Integrations. 

The Technical Architecture & Design for ERP integration (flows, data model, synchronous/asynchronous strategy) helped the brand to grow and acquire new customers and increase sales by a good percentage.

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Future of retail customer experience

The future of customer experience is one in which companies take seriously consumers’ rising expectations of them. It is an umbrella term to explain the entire customer experience: identifying it, measuring it, and most importantly forecasting it.

Even though we are experiencing a massive shift in technology and customer experience (CX) there is still much research to be done on this topic.

Relevant, timely information and analysis on Omnichannel commerce, enterprise, and technology trends, including B2B, B2C, D2C, supply chain, sustainability.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and share your thoughts as comments below

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How omnichannel retailing is changing the retail industry?

omnichannel retailing
What is omnichannel retailing?

The retail industry has changed dramatically in the past few decades. With the rise of the internet, customers are less inclined to drive down to their nearest mall or shop. Instead, they are choosing to buy online or find items they need by searching for them on their smartphone. Omnichannel retailing is becoming more and more popular with retail stores because it enables them to reach customers on all of their devices, no matter the customer’s location. We are the best omnichannel retailers UK.

Best omnichannel retailers UK

Omnichannel retailing is an essential part of this trend. It means that retailers should offer a seamless shopping experience to all customers – whether they are online, at a store, or in between both channels – and make it easy for them to switch channels or interact with any channel at any time. The results are staggering: companies have seen a significant increase in-store traffic, conversion rates have increased by up to 40%, and stockouts have been reduced by 50%.

How does omnichannel retailing benefit customers?

Omnichannel retailing is a new form of commerce. It is the convergence of in-store and online shopping channels, which allows consumers to shop from wherever they are. Omnichannel marketing benefits customers because it makes the shopping experience more convenient for them. Without going through the hassle of going to a physical store, they can just shop online.

customer experience
customer experience

Why is omnichannel important for customer experience?

Omnichannel retailing is a method of marketing that focuses on the customer’s journey. To be successful requires a company’s ability to connect with consumers no matter how they engage- in-store, online, or through mobile devices.

The key to successful omnichannel retailing is one that is data-driven and strategic in nature which helps brands understand the customer better and how they want to engage with them. Omnichannel retailers must also invest in making their customers feel valued, regardless of channel or device.

What is an omnichannel strategy?

Omnichannel retailing is a strategy that retailers use to provide an integrated service across all channels. This may include in-store, online, mobile apps, and social media channels.

The focus is on the customer experience. It involves making shopping easy for customers through the use of information technology and modern technology. The idea is to make it easier for customers to buy products from any channel they want without having to visit every channel separately.

omnichannel retail strategy
omnichannel retail strategy

How does Omnichannel retail work?

Omnichannel retailing is a term that is used to describe a retail system where both online and physical stores are combined. It is an effective way of capturing customers that are interested in the products but cannot physically visit the store for some reason.

This may include using social media platforms to advertise products, while also providing consumers with the option to buy the products online. The customer can order them on-demand or on-site at any time of day, which provides them with more flexibility when on the go.

Best omnichannel retailers UK
omnichannel retail – e-commerce strategy

Best examples of omnichannel retail?

So, here are a few examples

Amazon: Amazon, one of the pioneers of omnichannel retailing, has seamlessly integrated online and offline shopping. It provides its customers with customer service through chatbots and store employees.

Zara: Zara, another pioneer in this space, changed the way people shop by opening up its stores 24 hours a time and allowing shoppers to reserve items online.

Brewster’s: Brewster’s department stores have created an omnichannel experience by using touch screens to guide shoppers through various options in clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Writer analysts at McKinsey said:

An omnichannel transformation is the only way for a company to address rising complexity, provide an excellent customer experience, and manage operations costs

The Future of Omnichannel retailing in India

Today, India’s hyper-connected consumers are quickly going into a period where they anticipate that brand owners should offer steady and unmatched support across all touchpoints. They are not just searching for the right item that suits their requirements but on the other hand are looking for a smooth journey in finding the product independent of different stages that they use, getting it from, and getting it conveyed at their doorstep.

However, to better integrate in-store and online shopping experiences, brand proprietors and retailers experience numerous difficulties in effectively executing the omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel retailing in UK

UK buyers proceed to research and shop on numerous channels, further obscuring the lines between the web and in-store shopping as omnichannel stays a famous and developing shopping pattern. 

As indicated by JRNI’s Third Annual Modern Consumer Research Report, there is a worldwide consistency across virtually all item classifications – hardware, clothing, gifts, family, excellence, and wellbeing.

By and large, 74% of buyers’ web room – investigating the internet, buying available – dominatingly for gadgets, attire, and family things. It likewise tracks down that there is an ascent in showrooming with, 57% of buyers effectively investigating coming up, buying on the web – principally for apparel, presents, and gadgets.

Future of Omnichannel Retail

Best omnichannel retailers UK
omnichannel retailing future

Omnichannel retail refers to the mix of retail channels like stores, on the web, and mobile into a single, seamless customer experience. The rise of new internet-based channels significantly affects the retail business over the previous decade, and it is relied upon that the need to incorporate various channels will change the retail business throughout the following decade.

9 out of 10 consumers need a consistent shopping experience, regardless of whether they are purchasing on the web mobile app, on social media, by telephone, or in a brick-and-mortar store. They want personalized experiences, and brands currently have the devices to give them. 

Omnichannel retail brands are oriented toward the omnichannel customer, with client conduct driving each next move the brand makes. each customer interaction changes the subsequent stage the client will experience. The brand is attempting to direct the client toward a particular result. The brand and customers are now walking in lockstep. 

Brands that win in this new customer-centric landscape will adopt an omnichannel approach to provide that seamless experience their customers want. As a result, those brands will show much higher levels of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

To Conclude…

No matter what type of business you’re in, your customers expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. With multiple devices and shopping channels, it’s easier than ever to shop and research products and pricing. If your business is struggling with omnichannel, we hope that this blog helps you improve your omnichannel strategy and customer service. Reach us today for the best omnichannel retailers UK.

As an omnichannel merchant, you must have a way to effectively accept and process orders from your customers, no matter how they choose to shop. Find out how a multi-channel retail platform can help you control your inventory, manage your channels, and increase conversions.

Retail Insights is an Award-Winning Global Omnichannel Advisor Technology (Software) Company for Experience Commerce with Edge Computing, based in the USA, and India with representation in the Middle East and the UK. We are the best omnichannel retailers UK

Certified Solution Partners – Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento), Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), Intel, GCP, and others.

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Omnichannel Retail – Tech-led Experience Commerce

Omnichannel retailing in UK

Retail is evolving at a breakneck speed, exploiting Emerging Technologies For Successful Omnichannel Retail Execution

MongoDB – Free, Open Source, Great for scale

Express.JS, a popular choice for REST APIs

AngularJS, say no to page refresh

Node.js, for performance at scale

React-native for cross-platform mobile application

Django/Python model-template-view (MTV) architecture fast database-centered applications.

ReactJS high performance, Secure & Scalable Cross-Platform

Microservices Architecture And Serverless Architecture for the Ever-Digital Age


M, E, A/R, N Work Well Together

Retail Insights is an Award-Winning Global Omni Channel (Digital) Technology Agency – Implementation and managing Partner for Experience Commerce with EDGE Computing. We provide the best Omnichannel retailing in UK.

Omnichannel retailing in UK

Retail Insights – Where Technology Meets Omni Channel Retailing

Certified partnerships with Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Akeneo, MuleSoft, Intel Edge, and other emerging tech communities.

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Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020’s Busiest Holiday Season Ever

omnichannel technologies

Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020’s Busiest Holiday Season Ever

What’s top of mind for every retailer going into the 2020 holiday shopping season? Last-mile fulfilment and shoppers are more interested in holiday shopping online than last year.

omnichannel technologies

Get started: Go the extra mile

1. Extend the season – A one-time deal or coveted product bundles.
2. Expand pickup capabilities – Set up low-and no-contact pickup options for Curbside and Store Pickup solutions.
3. Create/establish fulfilment-only at your “dark stores” designated for picking, sorting, and packing.
4. Sweat the small stuff – Over-communicate with shoppers.
· Be clear on backorders and shipping delays. Direct shoppers to help the centre with operational delays or updates.
· Make inventory visible on your website. A shopper purchases an item available nearby because of the risk of delayed delivery.
· Nurture first-time digital shoppers. Simple digital journey with Regular updates on orders and service channels

Retail Insights (Your Omni (or Digital Officer)- Where Technology Meets Retail/Brands. We provide the best omnichannel technologies. Contact us today for the best omnichannel technologies. |||| Watsup – +91 9945872535

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Retail Insights “Your Omni Channel Officer” Implementation Partner for E-Commerce, B2B, Market Places and Flexible Fulfillment Solutions

Salesforce b2b commerce API

The era of Omni (B2C, D2C, B2B2C, C2C) Channel Transformation is fast-tracked in Pandemic times. Need proactive communication with customers personalized content & communication, product recommendation, subscription, and loyalty have become essential.

Salesforce b2b commerce API

Go Digital by leveraging Product Information Management, Commerce Platforms, Order Management Solutions, Loyalty, and CDP/DMP Expertise.

· Global Reference Storefront – Reference Architecture

· Platform Customization

· Enterprise Integration for Reconciliations

· Leverage PIM with Order Management

· Enabling new Geos and

· Easy onboarding of suppliers, vendors, and product catalogs

Retail Insights Certified commerce Platform experts assist to go omnipresent in a quick time. Transform as in “King of Convenience”. We provide the best Salesforce b2b commerce API. Contact us today for the best Salesforce b2b commerce API.

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