Leverage Omnichannel to provide Shoppers with Incredible and Frictionless Experiences

Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping
Discover how India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network, with over 4500 outlets in key locations achieved its business needs by working with Retail Insights to accelerate its business. Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping. Retail Insights helps India’s largest drugs solve warehouse, delivery, and support issues. Upgrading its digital assets to meet these challenges. The company has 3000 stores that distribute pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics, and Read More...

How customer experience can help you meet your business needs

Customer Experience Retail Insights
Customer Experience with true Omnichannel Integrations A retail customer experience is an overall journey your customers have from the moment they see your store to the moment they leave and with the omnichannel solution it could be a better and more seamless experience. It is your company's chance to shine amongst competitors, and showcase its unique approach to creating an in-store experience that will leave customers coming back for more. We're here to help you create an experience Read More...

How omnichannel retailing is changing the retail industry?

What is omnichannel retailing? The retail industry has changed dramatically in the past few decades. With the rise of the internet, customers are less inclined to drive down to their nearest mall or shop. Instead, they are choosing to buy online or find items they need by searching for them on their smartphone. Omnichannel retailing is becoming more and more popular with retail stores because it enables them to reach customers on all of their devices, no matter the customer's location. We are Read More...

Omnichannel Retail – Tech-led Experience Commerce

Omnichannel retailing in UK
Retail is evolving at a breakneck speed, exploiting Emerging Technologies For Successful Omnichannel Retail Execution MongoDB – Free, Open Source, Great for scale Express.JS, a popular choice for REST APIs AngularJS, say no to page refresh Node.js, for performance at scale React-native for cross-platform mobile application Django/Python model-template-view (MTV) architecture fast database-centered applications. ReactJS high performance, Secure & Scalable Cross-Platform Microservices Architecture Read More...

Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020’s Busiest Holiday Season Ever

omnichannel technologies

Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020's Busiest Holiday Season Ever

What’s top of mind for every retailer going into the 2020 holiday shopping season? Last-mile fulfilment and shoppers are more interested in holiday shopping online than last year.

Get started: Go the extra mile

1. Extend the season - A one-time deal or coveted product bundles.
2. Expand pickup capabilities - Set up low-and no-contact pickup options for Curbside and Store Pickup solutions.
3. Create/establish

Retail Insights “Your Omni Channel Officer” Implementation Partner for E-Commerce, B2B, Market Places and Flexible Fulfillment Solutions

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The era of Omni (B2C, D2C, B2B2C, C2C) Channel Transformation is fast-tracked in Pandemic times. Need proactive communication with customers personalized content & communication, product recommendation, subscription, and loyalty have become essential.

Go Digital by leveraging Product Information Management, Commerce Platforms, Order Management Solutions, Loyalty, and CDP/DMP Expertise.

· Global Reference Storefront – Reference Architecture

· Platform Customization

· Enterprise Integration

Store fulfilment is great. But how great are your in-store pick and pack processes?


Omnichannel touches every area of the Supply Chain
Technology & Process Disconnects, Omni Channel solutions on the market are complex and time-consuming to implement. To truly be omnichannel fluid, technology, and processes need to support all channels.

Lowering fulfillment costs and improving shelf availability
Empowering Store associates for in-store order execution
Flexible to support concepts viz. Store on Wheels, Micro fulfillment, etc.

It’s undeniable that we are in a new age – Read More...

Is The Inculcation Of IoT A Boon For Businesses?


Further statistics by an international publication state that on average, there would be around 40 billion IoT devices by 2027. Now, this is an astounding figure, that is quite mind-boggling, not to mention doubtful as well. Yet, most astonishing reports state this is in fact true. Businesses across several genres have been religiously deploying the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in their daily operations. Tech firm Diligent Global believes that IoT can be effectively leveraged for managing Read More...

How to run a store in a pandemic?

run a store in pandemic

Store traffic may be down, but sales don't need to follow — improving shopper conversion is the key. So how to run a store during pandemic?

Checklist for Reopening Retail/E-commerce Stores with New normal customer journeys
Contactless Solutions - Lockers, Drive-Thru, Kiosks (Endless Aisles), Delivery Options - Reserve, Ship from Store, etc.
Take your CRM to the next level and treat your best customers like VIPs, Draw Consumers in, and Keep Them in, with Loyalty Programs
Elevate Your

PepsiCo Launches New Direct-to-Consumer Offerings


PepsiCo Launches New Direct-to-Consumer Offerings to Deliver Food & Beverage Products and Meet Increased Demand Amid Pandemic

CPG players are now along with Grocery and Convenience Retailers. Few facts, good to see how it yields results.

# #directtoconsumer #retailinsights #retailtransformation #digitalcommerce #retailstrategy #unifiedcommerce #salesforcecommercecloud #smartretail Read More...