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Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping
Discover how India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network, with over 4500 outlets in key locations achieved its business needs by working with Retail Insights to accelerate its business. Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping. Retail Insights helps India’s largest drugs solve warehouse, delivery, and support issues. Upgrading its digital assets to meet these challenges. The company has 3000 stores that distribute pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics, and Read More...

How customer experience can help you meet your business needs

Customer Experience Retail Insights
Customer Experience with true Omnichannel Integrations A retail customer experience is an overall journey your customers have from the moment they see your store to the moment they leave and with the omnichannel solution it could be a better and more seamless experience. It is your company's chance to shine amongst competitors, and showcase its unique approach to creating an in-store experience that will leave customers coming back for more. We're here to help you create an experience Read More...

Omnichannel Retail – Tech-led Experience Commerce

Omnichannel retailing in UK
Retail is evolving at a breakneck speed, exploiting Emerging Technologies For Successful Omnichannel Retail Execution MongoDB – Free, Open Source, Great for scale Express.JS, a popular choice for REST APIs AngularJS, say no to page refresh Node.js, for performance at scale React-native for cross-platform mobile application Django/Python model-template-view (MTV) architecture fast database-centered applications. ReactJS high performance, Secure & Scalable Cross-Platform Microservices Architecture Read More...

Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020’s Busiest Holiday Season Ever

omnichannel technologies

Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020's Busiest Holiday Season Ever

What’s top of mind for every retailer going into the 2020 holiday shopping season? Last-mile fulfilment and shoppers are more interested in holiday shopping online than last year.

Get started: Go the extra mile

1. Extend the season - A one-time deal or coveted product bundles.
2. Expand pickup capabilities - Set up low-and no-contact pickup options for Curbside and Store Pickup solutions.
3. Create/establish

Store fulfilment is great. But how great are your in-store pick and pack processes?


Omnichannel touches every area of the Supply Chain
Technology & Process Disconnects, Omni Channel solutions on the market are complex and time-consuming to implement. To truly be omnichannel fluid, technology, and processes need to support all channels.

Lowering fulfillment costs and improving shelf availability
Empowering Store associates for in-store order execution
Flexible to support concepts viz. Store on Wheels, Micro fulfillment, etc.

It’s undeniable that we are in a new age – Read More...

From Legacy to Omnichannel-Enabled

From Legacy to Omnichannel-Enabled

Your customer can research, shop, and interact on different devices and channels. If you’re still using legacy architecture, you’re not providing the same convenient experience your customer expects.

Remove the legacy roadblocks and start providing a fluid, end-to-end omnichannel experience for your customer. Retail Insight provides you the best omnichannel retailing UK
Consistent access to data — inventory, orders, customer purchase histories? Centralized Read More...

Use eCommerce, Omni Channel long term, not just short term

Omnichannel Retailers UK 2022

Use eCommerce, Omni Channel long term, not just short term

In the month of February alone, there were 8.8 percent more digital shoppers resulting in an astounding 55 percent increase in online sales—before a third of the global population was told to stay at home.The takeaway here is that consumers are going to learn new habits during this pandemic, which means your customers are going to become more comfortable shopping online than in-store once this is all over.This means it's important to consider Read More...

Engineering The Omni Channel Possibilities

Engineering The Omni Channel

Engineering the Omni Channel Possibilities.

Due to current situations, we see changes in behavior in customer buying in the retail/omnichannel delivery/fulfillment models.

Kroger announced its first pickup-only store for click-and-collect orders; Walgreens announced that it too will convert its 7,300 pharmacy drive-thru windows for grocery pickup.

We see these trends shaping up across the world where the stores will now have pick-up lockers, ship-from-store kiosks (Similar to ATMs), and endless Read More...

Marketing and Campaign – Multi-Source Inventory and Fulfillment

Multi-Source Inventory

Keeping shelves (or an online store) stacked is essential. However, managing the right inventory gets trickier when you have multiple sources and channels in sensing demand.
Retail Insights solving the Multi-Source Inventory Challenge — will show how to deliver a best-practice inventory and in-store experience that better anticipates customer needs.

See how to:

Visible Inventory at multi-location
Configure sources and stocks
Manage inventory quantities
Algorithmic Available to promise

How we executed Omni Channel Fulfillment? Mail sales@theretailinisghts.com for the demo.

Omni Channel Fulfillment

Turn stores, suppliers, and partners into micro fulfilment centres, store inventory to online shoppers, and provide flexible fulfillment options
Ship-from-Store and Ship-to-Store, Partial Shipment & Order Splitting, Order Orchestration & Routing.

Pre-Sale, Backorders, & Returns, Track inventory at any node and Intelligent Sourcing & Allocation rules engine.
Want to know more about Omni Channel? Contact us now. Read More...