Leverage Omnichannel to provide Shoppers with Incredible and Frictionless Experiences

Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping

Discover how India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network, with over 4500 outlets in key locations achieved its business needs by working with Retail Insights to accelerate its business. Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping

Retail Insights helps India’s largest drugs solve warehouse, delivery, and support issues.

Upgrading its digital assets to meet these challenges. The company has 3000 stores that distribute pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics, and CPG items.

Warehouse bottlenecks that were adversely affecting its ability to accommodate the increasing number of customers requesting home delivery. The company devised a solution and turned to Retail Insights Commerce as an implementation partner.

Rather than opting for full-scale deployment of strategic and analytic services, adopted suggestions for technical full-stack team extension and an incremental approach to problem resolution.

Retail Insights provided highly targeted support—including a business analyst with a full-stack development team—to address each issue. Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Shopping. We provide the best omnichannel commerce technologies in Dubai.

The client is India’s largest pharmacy chain and is the most credible and established online pharmacy in India. It delivers 100% original medicines and products. It is believed to offer super-fast home delivery for all healthcare essentials. Rapid deliveries of medicines are available online, and in some cities, deliveries are done in less than 24 hours.

They have achieved credibility in the healthcare industry with the world’s best medical specialists.

They have more than 5000 products in various categories like Vitamins and Supplements, Baby Care, Personal Care, Health & Nutrition Foods, and OTC. In addition to this, they have more than 400 Brand Products in the following categories like vitamins and supplements, health food, oral care, skincare, personal care, baby care, OTC, etc.

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How customer experience can help you meet your business needs

Customer Experience Retail Insights
Customer Experience with true Omnichannel Integrations

A retail customer experience is an overall journey your customers have from the moment they see your store to the moment they leave and with the omnichannel solution it could be a better and more seamless experience.

It is your company’s chance to shine amongst competitors, and showcase its unique approach to creating an in-store experience that will leave customers coming back for more.

We’re here to help you create an experience that lets you find your customers’ needs and deliver them a business outcome.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what a retail customer experience is and how it can strengthen your company’s branding, help you reach new customers, improve on-the-floor engagement with staff members, and offer the best possible shopping experiences for your clients.

Importance of retail customer experience

A remarkable customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of any business. A positive customer experience promotes loyalty, helps you retain customers, and encourages brand advocacy.

According to a study performed by Forrester Research in 2011, online reviews had a far larger impact on B2C purchases than any other factor. This is true for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Consider an example when the CEO of Zappos changed company policy to offer a $5 rebate for every bad review posted about the company – their revenue still increased by 12%. It’s safe to say that customer reviews are an essential part of any retail business’ success.

Zagat is one of the most trusted guides for rating restaurants and entertainment venues worldwide, allowing users to review and rate venues based on their dining experiences.

To enhance your retail customer experience, it’s important to take time out of your day to focus on making every interaction with every customer an enjoyable one. 

The RetailInsights Your Technology Partner, (solutions and partner ecosystem) to help you handle customer service issues, enhance client loyalty, and inspire your customers to become brand ambassadors.

How to Improve CX

Improve CX with Retail Insights

Identify your best consumers without disrupting the shopping experience. Provide ample training and make sure they know your merchandise inside and out.

 This means not only providing the products they want but also giving outstanding service and the best possible in-store and online consistent experiences. 

  1. Hyper-Personalization 
  2. Customer Surveys – Know the Unknown
  3. Order Fulfillment
  4. Hasslefree Returns
  5. Amazing Helpdesk
  6. Advocacy

Whether you’re running any business with consumers facing each of these three crucial factors will help yield fantastic results for your business.

What defines Retail Insight? We consistently deliver projects on time and we never fail on promises. Our certified partnerships and domain expertise ensure success — the first time.

•Modular architecture. It supports more agile delivery, faster time to market, and improved experiences across all touchpoints. 

•Embrace an API-first headless architecture without the complexity and risk of being locked into a specific vendor, allowing for components to be added in/out as and when they are needed

•Open ecosystem. It empowers brands to assemble best-of-breed solutions using various accelerators, third-party applications, pre-composed solutions, and best practices

Salesforce, Adobe, Blueyonder, Mulesoft, Kantar, Fluent Commerce, and so on.

Retail Insights – Your Omnichannel Technology Partner

Retail Insights helped the largest Furniture retailer with a set of brand new modules namely Catalog Automations, Curbside Pickup, Market Place, Darkstore, Multi-Vendor, ship from store, promotion engine along with the latest technology framework on headless, PWA, and mobile native apps. 

Engineering by a multitude of enterprise APIs called Composable Commerce with M, E, A/R, N, Java spring, Django/Python, React Native, Spring boots Edge Computing (AI).

The client is one of the largest Fashion Luxury retailers in UAE with more than 500+ stores EMEA Region. A catalog-only site with limited eCommerce capabilities was limiting the client’s online sales.

The need of the hour was to build a strong Digital Commerce presence in a phased manner to improve sales and reduce dependency on physical stores.

Retail Insights was chosen as a prime partner to implement the complete omnichannel journey in multiple phases.

We introduced microservices architecture, adopted design patterns that enabled the separation of business logic & app UI, redesigned CMS components, product pages, and cart flow, and rolled out a next-generation, cloud-based eCommerce platform.

For this execution, we used Salesforce Commerce B2C platform for web, store, and mobile offered a seamless customer experience across channels, and a flourishing e-commerce website with rich features including click and collect, delivery lead times, AR, recommendation, salesforce einstein, order orchestration, wallets, gift cards, and back-office led to an exponential increase in sales.

Retail Insights helped the largest gourmet food retailer with a set of brand new modules namely subscription, click and collects, ship from store, dark store, cloud kitchen, promotion engine along with the latest technology framework on headless, PWA, and mobile native apps. 

To provide these services all functions are native in Magento Enterprise Cloud, Mobile Engineering, and PWA. 

The Look & Feel (UI) integration was done as per the brand guidelines and Implementing end to end the journey with True Omni Channel Integrations. 

The Technical Architecture & Design for ERP integration (flows, data model, synchronous/asynchronous strategy) helped the brand to grow and acquire new customers and increase sales by a good percentage.

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Future of retail customer experience

The future of customer experience is one in which companies take seriously consumers’ rising expectations of them. It is an umbrella term to explain the entire customer experience: identifying it, measuring it, and most importantly forecasting it.

Even though we are experiencing a massive shift in technology and customer experience (CX) there is still much research to be done on this topic.

Relevant, timely information and analysis on Omnichannel commerce, enterprise, and technology trends, including B2B, B2C, D2C, supply chain, sustainability.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and share your thoughts as comments below

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Omnichannel Retail – Tech-led Experience Commerce

Omnichannel retailing in UK

Retail is evolving at a breakneck speed, exploiting Emerging Technologies For Successful Omnichannel Retail Execution

MongoDB – Free, Open Source, Great for scale

Express.JS, a popular choice for REST APIs

AngularJS, say no to page refresh

Node.js, for performance at scale

React-native for cross-platform mobile application

Django/Python model-template-view (MTV) architecture fast database-centered applications.

ReactJS high performance, Secure & Scalable Cross-Platform

Microservices Architecture And Serverless Architecture for the Ever-Digital Age


M, E, A/R, N Work Well Together

Retail Insights is an Award-Winning Global Omni Channel (Digital) Technology Agency – Implementation and managing Partner for Experience Commerce with EDGE Computing. We provide the best Omnichannel retailing in UK.

Omnichannel retailing in UK

Retail Insights – Where Technology Meets Omni Channel Retailing

Certified partnerships with Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Akeneo, MuleSoft, Intel Edge, and other emerging tech communities.

Happy to share our work experience with Worlds Leading Departmental, Grocer, CPG, and Beauty and Fashion Brands Multi-Country Rollouts. We are the best Omnichannel retailing in UK.


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Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020’s Busiest Holiday Season Ever

omnichannel technologies

Retail Insights help you to Prepare Last-Minute Fulfilment for 2020’s Busiest Holiday Season Ever

What’s top of mind for every retailer going into the 2020 holiday shopping season? Last-mile fulfilment and shoppers are more interested in holiday shopping online than last year.

omnichannel technologies

Get started: Go the extra mile

1. Extend the season – A one-time deal or coveted product bundles.
2. Expand pickup capabilities – Set up low-and no-contact pickup options for Curbside and Store Pickup solutions.
3. Create/establish fulfilment-only at your “dark stores” designated for picking, sorting, and packing.
4. Sweat the small stuff – Over-communicate with shoppers.
· Be clear on backorders and shipping delays. Direct shoppers to help the centre with operational delays or updates.
· Make inventory visible on your website. A shopper purchases an item available nearby because of the risk of delayed delivery.
· Nurture first-time digital shoppers. Simple digital journey with Regular updates on orders and service channels

Retail Insights (Your Omni (or Digital Officer)- Where Technology Meets Retail/Brands. We provide the best omnichannel technologies. Contact us today for the best omnichannel technologies.

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Store fulfilment is great. But how great are your in-store pick and pack processes?


Omnichannel touches every area of the Supply Chain
Technology & Process Disconnects, Omni Channel solutions on the market are complex and time-consuming to implement. To truly be omnichannel fluid, technology, and processes need to support all channels.

Omnichannel solve supply chain

Lowering fulfillment costs and improving shelf availability
Empowering Store associates for in-store order execution
Flexible to support concepts viz. Store on Wheels, Micro fulfillment, etc.

It’s undeniable that we are in a new age – speed and the ability to rapidly adapt to change are essential for retailers to survive.

Talk to our Team of Architects and Business analysts to experience how we have assisted tier 1 Retailers/Brands from Retail Survivalists who are NOW “The Kings of Convenience” We can provide you with Omnichannel to solve supply chain problems. Contact us today for the best omnichannel to solve supply chain problems.

Retail Insights (Your Omni (or Digital Officer)- Where Technology Meets Retail/Brands.

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From Legacy to Omnichannel-Enabled

From Legacy to Omnichannel-Enabled

Your customer can research, shop, and interact on different devices and channels. If you’re still using legacy architecture, you’re not providing the same convenient experience your customer expects.

Remove the legacy roadblocks and start providing a fluid, end-to-end omnichannel experience for your customer. Retail Insight provides you the best omnichannel retailing UK
Consistent access to data — inventory, orders, customer purchase histories? Centralized content management?, Lightweight open application programming interfaces (APIs)?

And easy-to-use dashboards that enable O2O to see analytics digital and in-store conversions?

Omnichannel retailing UK

Talk to our Team of Architects and Omni-Channel Business Analysts to experience how we have assisted 10 out of the top 20 retailers to go Omni with a seamless transition.

we assist our customers right from strategy, consulting, technology execution, and later application support services.

Retail Insights (Your Omni (or Digital Officer)- Where Technology Meets Retail/Brands. We will give you the best omnichannel retailing UK.

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Use eCommerce, Omni Channel long term, not just short term

Omnichannel Retailers UK 2022

Use eCommerce, Omni Channel long term, not just short term

Omnichannel Retailers UK 2022

In the month of February alone, there were 8.8 percent more digital shoppers resulting in an astounding 55 percent increase in online sales—before a third of the global population was told to stay at home.

The takeaway here is that consumers are going to learn new habits during this pandemic, which means your customers are going to become more comfortable shopping online than in-store once this is all over.

This means it’s important to consider eCommerce as a long-term strategy.

Ask yourself the following questions short-term and long-term:

1. What can you do to reassure your customers that, in these times, you are reliable, trustworthy, and convenient to do business with?
2. What tools do you have that can help you, in the long run, to ensure success during and after these turbulent times?
3. Are you making it as easy as possible for consumers and customers to shop with you?

Retail Insights – Where Technology Meets Retail. We are the best Omnichannel Retailers UK 2022. Connect us today.

Should you need further assistance or clarification, our retail experts are standing by to assist in strategizing your core needs with D.A.R.E Strategy TM. Want the best Omnichannel Retailers UK 2022 to do your work? Connect with us today.

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Engineering The Omni Channel Possibilities

Engineering The Omni Channel

Engineering the Omni Channel Possibilities.

Due to current situations, we see changes in behavior in customer buying in the retail/omnichannel delivery/fulfillment models.

Kroger announced its first pickup-only store for click-and-collect orders; Walgreens announced that it too will convert its 7,300 pharmacy drive-thru windows for grocery pickup.

We see these trends shaping up across the world where the stores will now have pick-up lockers, ship-from-store kiosks (Similar to ATMs), and endless aisles with QR codes for both essentials and non-essentials.

Engineering The Omni Channel

Retail Insights solution leadership with integration capabilities with temperature-controlled lockers, and endless aisles accelerators for pick-up as well as drive-through situations.

Engineering the Omni Channel Possibilities

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Marketing and Campaign – Multi-Source Inventory and Fulfillment

Multi-Source Inventory

Keeping shelves (or an online store) stacked is essential. However, managing the right inventory gets trickier when you have multiple sources and channels in sensing demand.

Retail Insights solving the Multi-Source Inventory Challenge — will show how to deliver a best-practice inventory and in-store experience that better anticipates customer needs.

Multi-Source Inventory

See how to:

  • Visible Inventory at multi-location
  • Configure sources and stocks
  • Manage inventory quantities
  • Algorithmic Available to promise
  • Choose between Source Selection and Distance Priority Algorithm

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How we executed Omni Channel Fulfillment? Mail sales@theretailinisghts.com for the demo.

Omni Channel Fulfillment

Turn stores, suppliers, and partners into micro fulfilment centres, store inventory to online shoppers, and provide flexible fulfillment options

Ship-from-Store and Ship-to-Store, Partial Shipment & Order Splitting, Order Orchestration & Routing.

Omni Channel Fulfillment

Pre-Sale, Backorders, & Returns, Track inventory at any node and Intelligent Sourcing & Allocation rules engine.

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