How omnichannel retailing is changing the retail industry?

What is omnichannel retailing? The retail industry has changed dramatically in the past few decades. With the rise of the internet, customers are less inclined to drive down to their nearest mall or shop. Instead, they are choosing to buy online or find items they need by searching for them on their smartphone. Omnichannel retailing is becoming more and more popular with retail stores because it enables them to reach customers on all of their devices, no matter the customer's location. We are Read More...

Retail in 2021 and beyond: Trends and Solutions with Edge computing

Edge computing in retail
- Enhanced customer experience - Experience Commerce Platforms, Contextual Offers, Secure contactless payments, Virtual sales staff, Virtual Trial rooms and Augmented Reality- Safety - Robotics on guard- Operational effectiveness - orders that are fulfilled by multichannel methods, mini-fulfillment centers for online orders, connected devices for systems monitoring- Loss and fraud prevention - Cloud Hosting, Devops, Security and compliances and Storage. Retail Insights stellar track Read More...

Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Retail Insights Offers an Affordable Application to Help Retailers Reopen and Operate Online with Curbside Pickup

Retail Insights Curbside Pickup Application — How It Works
It integrates with eCommerce solutions — Magento, Salesforce, and Shopify, an affordable and powerful website for business;
By adding a delivery option to the online store, orders marked as ‘curbside pickup’ will flow directly into the application.
Accessible from any mobile device, the application allows retailers Read More...

Virtual Queuing

virtual queuing system

Asda is trialing a “virtual queuing” initiative as it prepares for social distancing measures to last well after the lockdown has ended.

Retail Insights launches ‘virtual queuing’ system as retailers prepare for social distancing to last “for the rest of the year”

The new virtual system, the first of its kind, will allow users to book a place and log into a virtual queue with their phones.

They will then be able to wait in their car, avoiding the extended queues which have become Read More...

Real Time Issue Tracking, Notifications and On-Time Resolutions – Omni Channel Customer Care

How have we developed doorstep customer care service for large white goods retailers?
Real-Time Issue Tracking, Notifications, and On-Time Resolutions

* Google and SMS Notifications
* Door Pickup Schedules
* Delivery Schedules
* Notification on Service Requests
* Payment Gateway
* Escalation and Chat History || skype - retailinsights