Curbside Pickup

Retail Insights Offers Affordable Application Help Retailers Reopen and Operate Online with Curbside Pickup

Retail Insights Curbside Pickup Application — How It Works
Curbside Pickup Application integrates with eCommerce solutions — Magento, Salesforce and Shopify, an affordable and powerful website for business;
By adding a ‘curbside pickup’ delivery option to the online store, orders marked as ‘curbside pickup’ will flow directly into the application.
Accessible from any mobile device, the application allows retailers to view their orders and communicate the status of each order to their customers’ via mobile text messaging.
The text messages inform customers’ where and when to pick up their orders; and contain a link that, when clicked, automatically alerts the retailer they have arrived.

Should you need further demo, assistance or clarification, our retail experts are standing by to assist.

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