Empowering Retail Success with AI

Harness the power of value-driven AI using generative and predictive AI to propel your retail business toward lasting success.

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the retail landscape

Accurate and organized data is essential for any business’s growth. Retail Insights Intelligent Content Engine can tag eCommerce products with rich attributes and extract meaningful information from images, texts, and videos. This helps retailers automate data collection and enrichment, enabling ROI-driven decision-making for a wide range of applications.

  1. Extract, enrich, and organize product data from various sources for easy access by all applications
  2. Tag products to ensure it is easily searchable & discoverable by shoppers
  3. Assess the quality of product images to ensure they meet business guidelines in real-time

AI in retail has empowered businesses with high-level data and information that is leveraged into improved retail operations and new business opportunities. In fact, it is estimated that $40 billion of additional revenue was driven by AI in retail in a 3-year span.

Reduce costs and improve ROI with AI

Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence & Automation for Retail

Retailers across the globe trust our Digital Experience Management (DXM) suite as both their revenue growth driver and their cost-saving engine. They use the suite to personalize and curate the customer experience while also enabling end-to-end retail automation across site merchandising, product, eCommerce & marketing operations.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in retail:

Inventory & Content Management

Product Tagging & Content Generation

Taxonomy Management

Image Quality Moderation

Customer Experience Management

Site Personalization

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Search & Discovery

Intelligent Retail Automation

Product Photography Automation

Site Merchandising & Productivity Tools

Virtual Dressing Room

Impact Driven for Retailers

25x Average ROI for personalization customers

20% of Transactions for customers happen via our visits

20M Products purchased via our visit

Grow your online grocery business with AI

Bring the in-store grocery shopping experience online. Our AI understands your catalog in-depth and powers unique experiences based on every shopper’s tastes & preferences.

Artificial Intelligence crafted to match grocery eCommerce business goals

Retail Insights allows every retailer to customize AI personalization models to work best for their business. The systems build nuanced flavor profiles for every shopper by learning from their actions on the site and mapping it to rich product data. Using this, the AI finds and brings to the surface through the shopping journey, the products in the catalog that the shopper would most likely purchase.

Impact driven for retailers

80% uplift in conversion rate

50% decrease in personnel requirement

85% reduced time to market

30% increase in unique product views

12.9% of total business revenue directly attributable to us

Customer success story: Leading FMCG Retailer, for instance, recognized the potential to enhance its customer engagement strategies by seamlessly merging loyalty data from both online and offline touchpoints. The retailer aimed to elevate recommendations and interactions spanning in-store, eCommerce, and mobile loyalty applications. To achieve this goal, they employed an innovative technique known as identity resolution, a process powered by AI. This groundbreaking approach allowed them to seamlessly integrate information sourced from diverse customer databases, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive Single Customer View, often referred to as the “Golden Customer Profile.


Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing Customer Data Accuracy through Machine Learning-Based Duplicate Detection

Problem: Identifying and Removing Customer Records Duplicates 

Your company has a robust database that has taken years to cultivate. The problem is there might actually be thousands of duplicate records hiding in plain sight. 

Databases that contain duplicate customer records is a common problem. Marketers that have trouble achieving a single customer view see effective linkage as the main barrier to creating a truly customized, personalized, cross-channel marketing strategy. According to a 2021 State of Personalization Report, 60% of shoppers say they are “likely” to become a repeat buyer after a personalized shopping experience, up from 44% in 2017. Without achieving a single customer view, your marketing and sales team will face barriers in creating and developing personalization strategies. 

As IMPACT reports, there are many ways that duplicate data can negatively affect your sales and marketing returns. For example, you could be spending double the money to reach the same customers twice, thus negatively impacting your outreach and appearing as spam. Other issues include a decrease in email marketing deliverability, customer confusion and frustration, and a lack of personalization. 

The best practice marketing techniques require a single customer view, but duplicates can be difficult and time-consuming to find and correct. 

Solution: Duplicate Detection Using Machine Learning

Duplicate detection machine learning makes it easy to identify when multiple records are likely to be for the same customer, making sure your database is in prime operating condition. 

Eliminating duplicate customer records will allow your marketing and sales teams to deliver a clearer, more accurate, and customized message; saving your company time, effort, and money. 

Why Retail Insights: Eliminate Database Duplicate Data with Ease

Considering doing a database cleanup without AI? Database queries for duplicates will not find spelling mistakes, typos, missing values, changes of address, or people who left out their middle name. The solution to these duplication problems is to use fuzzy matching instead of looking for exact matches. Fuzzy matching is a computer-assisted technique to score the similarity of data. 

Before you get frustrated, consider that Retail Insights pioneered automated machine learning, and offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for optimizing and accelerating the development and deployment of AI applications. Our automated text mining and state-of-the-art algorithms are perfect for analyzing customer records, helping you turn an overwhelming administrative project into a focused task that adds immediate value. 


Python: For machine learning and scripting.

Scikit-learn: Machine learning library.

Pandas: Data manipulation and preprocessing.

Fuzzywuzzy: Fuzzy string matching library.

Jaccard Similarity: Measure for set similarity.

Flask: Web framework for creating APIs.

AWS, GCP, Azure: Cloud platforms for deployment and scaling.

Let’s get your database cleaned up and move ahead with confidence.

Contact us to know more.

The Benefits of Implementing a PIM Solution for Your Business

In Part 1 of this blog, we discussed how Product Information Management (PIM) combined with retail insights can help improve retail businesses. In Part 2, we will delve into the benefits of implementing a PIM solution for your business and how it can help drive growth and increase efficiency.

Improved Product Data Accuracy
One of the primary benefits of implementing a PIM solution is improved product data accuracy. By centralizing your product information in one location, you can ensure that your product data is consistent and accurate across all channels. This not only improves the customer experience but also reduces the likelihood of returns and complaints, saving your business time and money.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity
Another benefit of implementing a PIM solution is increased efficiency and productivity. With PIM, you can automate time-consuming manual tasks, such as catalog updates and product data syndication, freeing up time for your team to focus on other areas of your business. This increased efficiency can help you reduce costs and increase revenue.

Better Customer Experience
By improving your product data accuracy and consistency, PIM can also help you provide a better customer experience. With accurate and consistent product information across all channels, your customers will have a more seamless shopping experience, which can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Sales and Revenue
Implementing a PIM solution can also help increase your sales and revenue. By optimizing your product data for each channel, you can improve the visibility and searchability of your products, making it easier for customers to find and purchase them. Additionally, by managing your promotions and discounts across multiple channels, you can attract new customers and retain existing ones, driving further growth for your business.

As your business grows, so does your product data. Implementing a PIM solution can help you manage your product data more efficiently as your business scales. With PIM, you can easily add new products and categories, automate catalog updates, and syndicate your product data across new sales channels, enabling you to expand your business without compromising on accuracy or consistency.

In conclusion, implementing a PIM solution can offer numerous benefits for your business, including improved product data accuracy, increased efficiency and productivity, better customer experience, increased sales and revenue, and scalability. With PIM, you can streamline your product data management processes and drive growth for your business. Contact Retail Insights, in collaboration with Salsify and Akeneo, to learn more about how PIM can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Grow your business with Shopify! Retail Insights and Shopify Plus combine forces for digital growth.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level and maximize your revenue online and offline? Look no further than Retail Insights and Shopify Plus.

Together, we offer a powerful combination of expertise and tools to help you unleash your omnichannel potential. Our mission is to empower businesses to take ownership of their customer relationships and drive growth in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Shopify Plus is a user-friendly, all-in-one ecommerce platform designed specifically for enterprise-level retailers. With its full array of retailer tools, Shopify Plus offers a seamless, centralized approach to workflow, brands, and consumer experience. It provides the data insights and versatility businesses need to thrive in a volatile and challenging industry.

Key elements include:

Storefront Design and Development
Theme Customization
Payment Gateway Integration
Shipping and Tax Configuration
Product Management
Order Management
Customer Management
Marketing and SEO Optimization
App Integration and Customization
Reporting and Analytics
Security and Compliance
Performance Optimization
Inventory Management
Mobile Responsiveness
Multilingual and Multicurrency Support
Customer Support and Training
Website Migration
Third-party Integration

At Retail Insights, we have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Shopify Partner ecosystem. As your trusted implementation partner, we’ll guide you through the entire process, from the initial roadmap to digital transformation. Our Shopify Plus implementation services and customer support are unparalleled, and your success is what drives us.

Retail Insights powers business growth with Shopify, offering clients the tools and expertise to take ownership of consumer relationships and maximize revenue online and off.

Shopify is a user-friendly, all-in-one eCommerce platform tailored explicitly for enterprise-level retailers ready to capitalize on today’s dynamic marketplace opportunities. With a full array of retailer tools, Shopify offers a seamless, centralized approach to workflow, brands, and consumer experience—while providing the data insights and versatility businesses need to thrive in a volatile and challenging industry.

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Shopify Partner ecosystem, Retail Insights is your trusted implementation partner—from the initial roadmap to digital transformation. Our engineering team specialises in Headless commerce, Phygital Checkout, Data fabric, Promotion management & more that will help you gain a competitive edge.

We understand that every business is unique, and that’s why we offer comprehensive ecommerce expertise to help you grow quickly. With our team of experts by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll have the tools and support you need to succeed in the omnichannel marketplace.

Unleash your omnichannel potential with Retail Insights and Shopify Plus today. Let’s work together to take your business to new heights.

Retail Insights: How PIM Helps Improve Retail Business

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, staying ahead of the competition requires effective management of product data across multiple channels. This is where Product Information Management (PIM) technology comes in. Retail Insights, in collaboration with implementation partners Salsify and Akenoe, offers cutting-edge PIM solutions to help businesses streamline their product data management processes and drive growth.

Let’s read how PIM, combined with retail insights, can help improve retail businesses.

Multi-Channel Listing Management

Multi-channel listing management is an essential feature of PIM that allows retailers to easily manage and distribute their product information across various sales channels. With PIM, retailers can create product listings that are optimized for each channel, ensuring that their products are visible and easily searchable by customers. This feature also allows retailers to quickly update their product information across all channels, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Catalog Automations

Catalog automation is another feature of PIM that can help improve retail businesses. With catalog automation, retailers can easily create and update their product catalogs, eliminating the need for manual updates. This feature saves retailers time and effort, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business.

Flexible Data Modeling

Flexible data modeling is a feature of PIM that allows retailers to create custom product attributes and categorization, ensuring that their product data is structured in a way that is most relevant to their customers. This feature also allows retailers to easily add new products and categories, ensuring that their product catalog is always up-to-date.


PIM also provides retailers with a way to manage their promotions and discounts. Retailers can use PIM to create and manage their promotional campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring that their promotions are consistent and optimized for each channel. This feature helps retailers attract new customers and retain existing ones, leading to increased sales and revenue.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) is another feature of PIM that can help improve retail businesses. With DAM, retailers can easily manage and distribute their product images, videos, and other digital assets across multiple channels. This feature ensures that retailers’ digital assets are organized and easily accessible, improving the customer experience.

Product Data Syndication

Product data syndication is a feature of PIM that allows retailers to easily syndicate their product data to various sales channels, such as online marketplaces, social media platforms, and comparison shopping engines. With product data syndication, retailers can ensure that their product data is consistent and up-to-date across all channels, improving their visibility and increasing their sales.

Success Story:

A fashion retailer struggled with managing their product data across multiple channels, resulting in inconsistencies and errors in their product listings. With the help of Retail Insights,, the retailer implemented a PIM solution that allowed them to easily manage their product information, automate their catalog updates, and optimize their promotions across various sales channels. As a result, the retailer saw a significant increase in their online sales, improved their customer experience, and was able to expand their product offerings to new sales channels, driving further growth for their business.

In conclusion, PIM combined with retail insights can help improve retail businesses in various ways, such as multi-channel listing management, catalog automation, flexible data modeling, promotions, DAM, and product data syndication. Salsify and Akenoe are two leading PIM implementation partners that provide retailers with comprehensive solutions to manage their product information. By leveraging these tools and features, retailers can improve their customer experience, increase their sales and revenue, and stay ahead of their competitors.


In today’s world, the retail industry is becoming increasingly complex with many channels for customers to shop from. As a result, retailers are faced with the challenge of providing a seamless shopping experience across all channels. To achieve this, retailers need to adopt an omnichannel approach, and the key to successful omnichannel retailing is a robust Order Management System (OMS).

Let’s learn why OMS system is the Heart of Omnichannel Retailing and why Retail Insights is the right implementation partner for order management software.

What is an Order Management System?

An Order Management System (OMS) is a complex software engine that manages the entire order lifecycle, from order placement to delivery, across all sales channels. It is the backbone of omnichannel retailing and enables retailers to manage orders efficiently, regardless of the channel customers use to shop.

Enabling Complex Features like Store & Warehouse stock integration, Click & Collect, Endless Aisle, Order orchestration, Store POS integration, Fulfillment by seller, Crossdock capabilities, and Dropship capabilities.

Some of the key benefits of ORDER MANAGEMENT for omnichannel retailing include

Order Orchestration: Retail Insights can help with order orchestration in OMS by providing retailers with a unified view of their inventory, orders, and customers across all sales channels.

Inventory management: An OMS provides retailers with a single view of inventory across all channels. This means that retailers can avoid stockouts and overstocking and ensure that customers can buy what they want when they want it.

Order fulfillment: With an OMS, retailers can fulfill orders from any channel, including in-store, online, and mobile. This means that retailers can use their inventory more efficiently and reduce shipping costs.

Why choose Retail Insights?

When it comes to choosing an OMS, retailers have a lot of options to choose from. One needs to have “a Mission Critical Tech Partner” who understands the domain well, the best option available in the market is Retail Insights with proven experience and a 100% strike rate. Here are some of the reasons why:

Customization: Retail Insights’ OMS can be customized to meet the specific needs of retailers, including custom workflows and integrations.

Scalability: Retail Insights’ OMS is highly scalable and can support retailers of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Ease of integration: Retail Insights’ OMS can be easily integrated with other retail systems, such as point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce platforms.

Advanced analytics: Retail Insights’ OMS provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing retailers to gain insights into their business and make data-driven decisions.

In conclusion, an Order Management System (OMS) is the heart of omnichannel retailing, providing retailers with a unified view of their inventory, orders, and customers across all sales channels. Retail Insights’ order management system is a good choice for retailers looking for a scalable, easy-to-integrate, and customizable solution with advanced analytics capabilities. With Retail Insights’ OMS, retailers can improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Success Story:

A sporting goods retailer successfully implemented OMS with the help of Retail Insights, resulting in a 50% reduction in fulfillment time, a 50% reduction in order processing time, an 80% reduction in inventory discrepancies, a 60% reduction in customer inquiries related to order tracking, and a 75% reduction in the average time for processing returns. This success story showcases the importance of OMS in omnichannel retailing and how it can lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. For more information contact us today.

Unbeatable Combination: How Retail Insights, Blue Yonder, and Space Planning Can Revolutionize Your Business

Blue Yonder can revolutionize your retail operations

In today’s highly competitive retail industry, companies are constantly searching for innovative ways to improve their supply chain and merchandising strategies. At the forefront of this movement are Retail Insights, Blue Yonder, and Space Planning – powerful solutions that can transform the way businesses operate. Blue Yonder can revolutionize your retail operations.

Blue Yonder’s solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of any business, spanning four key dimensions: Merchandise Optimization, Commerce, and Integrations. When combined with Retail Insights and Space Planning, this unbeatable combination can help companies to achieve breakthrough results, including a 40% increase in service levels, up to 30% reduced out-of-stock rates, up to 60% planning efficiency improvement, and 5% gains in eCommerce revenues.

But that’s not all – when paired with omnichannel technology accelerators and other best practices and tools, Blue Yonder’s solutions can provide an end-to-end fulfillment solution that helps organizations boost forecast accuracy, inventory turns, order management, and space utilization, while also delivering significant reductions in fulfillment costs. This means that businesses can optimize their operations and streamline their supply chain, all while saving money and increasing customer satisfaction.

In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, staying ahead of the competition is more important than ever. By partnering with Retail Insights, Blue Yonder, and Space Planning, businesses can gain a competitive edge and revolutionize the way they operate. With unbeatable results and an end-to-end fulfillment solution, these powerful solutions are the perfect choice for any business looking to optimize its supply chain and merchandising strategies. Contact us today.

Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Retail Insights’ Shopify Expertise for Enterprise-Level Retailers

How to grow business with Shopify?

How to grow business with Shopify?

How to grow business with Shopify is the most searched in Google right now. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, enterprise-level retailers need a reliable and effective eCommerce platform to help them capitalize on growth opportunities. Shopify, a user-friendly all-in-one eCommerce platform, is tailor-made for such retailers who want to maximize revenue online and offline. With its comprehensive set of retailer tools, Shopify provides a centralized approach to workflow, brand management, and consumer experience.

Retail Insights offers our clients the expertise and tools they need to take ownership of their consumer relationships and achieve business growth with Shopify. Our team has extensive knowledge of the Shopify Partner ecosystem and can provide you with everything from initial roadmaps to complete digital transformations.

As a trusted implementation partner, we specialize in Headless commerce, Phygital Checkout, Data fabric, Promotion management, and more to help you stay ahead of the competition. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, we offer the tools and expertise to ensure that our clients can achieve their business goals and maximize their revenue potential.

At Retail Insights, we believe that Shopify is the ideal platform for enterprise-level retailers looking to thrive in today’s challenging industry. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive set of tools, and powerful data insights, Shopify is the perfect choice for retailers looking to take their business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how Retail Insights can help you leverage the power of Shopify to achieve your business objectives. For more information contact us. We are the best Shopify plus agency in Dubai.

Choose Retail Insights as your Omnichannel experience manager & enhance your Retail Business!

How omnichannel retailers can enhance your retail business?

Retail Insights technology platform fits your business because it’s fully configurable. Pre-built connectors and flexible APIs ensure quick integrations across your environment. Expert teams with deep domain expertise infuse best practices to deliver a seamless experience for your customers from day one.

How we help:

  1. Sell on global marketplaces – Automatic product listing, single view of real-time inventory, single dashboard, hassle-free accounting & more…
  2. Inventory & Order Management – Seamlessly integrate warehouse & fulfillment processes with sales channels.
  3. Payment Reconciliation – Get smarter and automate payment reconciliation.
  4. Automated Catalog Listing – Automatically list products across multiple marketplaces.
  5. Master your business data – Collect data in real-time from just about any source and consolidate it.
  6. Mobility and eCommerce Frontend – Mobile App Development & eCommerce Web Development.

So now you know how omnichannel retailers can enhance your retail business, we have been the industry’s most trusted e-commerce solution, helping global brands and retailers solve their marketplaces, digital marketing, direct-to-consumer, first-party retail, drop-ship, and fulfillment needs — all in a single, centralized platform. We are the best omnichannel e-commerce company in USA. We provide the best omnichannel retail services in USA.

Sounds like a good fit for your business? Let’s connect: Call: +91 80 48654703 || Email: Info@theretailinsights.com

What is a Customer Data Platform and why it is important?

Top data analytics companies in India
Top data analytics companies in India
What is a Customer Data Platform?

The customer data platform, or CDP for short, is turning out to be progressively significant in organizations & we are the best customer data platform company in India.

We should make the right decision while making the shift from legacy systems to modern databases.

And what to consider during this time is the Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Today, the marketer’s reality is very perplexing, and client assumptions are high. Dedication goes to organizations that can react to “client critical points in time” with unique, personalized communications in real-time that transcend traditional marketing, spanning channels and devices. Fighting this scattered information and following up on it rapidly is turning out to be a lot harder.

The rapid acceleration of digital and e-commerce growth is intensifying the existing data problem. It is also propelling companies to adapt their customer engagement mechanisms to a new hybrid physical/digital environment. In a study on the future of the customer experience, Futurum Research found that 66% of companies are accelerating online tracking for behavior and habits. And 73% agree that the new engagement models will require real-time data collection and analysis. It’s no wonder that CDPs are garnering so much attention.

Customer Data Platform capabilities and growing importance
in day-to-day business

Top data analytics companies in India

This is precisely why Customer Data Platforms will become increasingly important to emerging, digitally savvy companies. Not only to get a 360-degree view of the customer
but also to interact with customers through the channels of their choice. Each
customer data platform will look different for every company because every
organization has a different focus, communicates via different channels, or has
different customer structures. Therefore, CDPs must guarantee a high degree of

But one thing is certain: CDPs make it possible to piece together customers’
intentions based on the vast amount of information available from a wide variety
of sources. To trade the unprecedented amount of this information, companies
need more power than ever before. Right now, a CDP offers the most
comprehensive capabilities to sift through all this data, find relevant
customer journeys, and act accordingly.

Five key functions of a CDP:

  • Collection of data: Individual-level customer data from multiple sources via packaged API connections and SDKs, and store that data in a usable format.
  • Data governance: The ability to granularly enforce from which events get passed onto each system, and process the data subject.
  • Quality protection of data and profile unification: However, it has the ability to monitor data accuracy, consistency, and structure, and to unify events and attributes to persistent profiles at the individual level as data is collected
  • Segmentation: An interface that enables business users to build and manage audience segments
  • Activation: The ability to send audience segments and forward events to external tools and systems through pre-built integrations, as well as to orchestrate contextual marketing experiences across channels.

Importance of CDP Retail Insights

RETAIL INSIGHTS is an AWARD-WINNING GLOBAL Retail and Digital Commerce agency as we work with 10 out of the top 20 Brands. We leverage our deep Salesforce Commerce, Adobe Magento Commerce and Shopify functional expertise to deliver a complete omnichannel experience. Explore our Retail Omnification Solutions and Services

Need help implementing Customer Data Platform in your business? Contact us.

Our eCommerce experts are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge eCommerce solutions to businesses of all sizes. To learn more about our services, email us at sales@theretailinsights.com. We will provide you with the best customer data platform company in India.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Channels?

Salesforce Consulting Companies in Dubai

Salesforce Consulting Companies in Dubai

Salesforce Consulting Companies in Dubai

1. How important is personalization in an online store? How can brands get creative on their sites?
2. What role does AI play in improving product suggestions, conversion rates, and personalization?
3. What are some key product data metrics to look for when planning inventory across sales channels?
4. What are some product features and information that are most important to an online shopper?
5. Are your channels optimized?

Retail Insights helps you to drive sales with Omni Channel Engineering, Maximizing Digital Revenue, Scalability, and Stability.

Solution Partners – Magento (Adobe), Salesforce Commerce, Kantar, JDA, and Infor.

Tech Stack – M, E, A/R, N Work Well Together, Java spring, Django/Python, React Native, Edge Computing (AI)

We are an Award-Winning Global Omni Channel Edge Tech Company. We are the best Salesforce Consulting Companies in Dubai.

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