Revolutionizing India’s Retail Pharmacy: Adobe Magento

Adobe Magento

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, adaptability is the key to survival. One remarkable example of this adaptability is the transformation undertaken by one of India’s largest retail pharmacy and wellness product chains. Spearheaded by Adobe Magento Retail Insights, this groundbreaking Omni channel transformation has reshaped the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable journey.

Adobe Magento: Empowering Transformation

To initiate this grand transformation, the pharmacy retailer harnessed the power of the Adobe Experience Cloud Suite, a comprehensive toolkit that includes:

Customer Data Platform (CDP): Adobe Real-Time CDP

Marketing Automation: Adobe Market Engage

Content Management System (CMS): Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Digital Asset Management (DAM): Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Digital Commerce: Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Web Analytics: Adobe Analytics

Omni channel Analytics: Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Management: Adobe Journey Optimizer

With these powerful tools at their disposal, the stage was set for a revolution in healthcare retail.

The Challenge: Elevating Customer Experiences

The healthcare industry has long grappled with the challenge of delivering customer experiences on par with other sectors. The urgency to address this issue was further heightened by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, our pharmacy retailer embarked on a mission to provide personalized customer experiences at an enterprise scale.

The Execution: Bridging the Gap

Armed with the Adobe Commerce Experience Cloud, Retail Insights introduced a suite of omni-channel capabilities. This suite empowered pharmacies with a profound understanding of member health and behavioral data. The integration seamlessly fused in-store and digital experiences through automated prescription alerts, data-driven offers, and personalized loyalty programs.

Leveraging Adobe Analytics, the retailer gained invaluable insights into their customer base, enriched by a vast repository of data from approximately 100 million customer loyalty program members. Adobe Audience Manager played a pivotal role in creating intelligent customer segments, enabling tailored messaging via Adobe Campaign.

The introduction of subscriptions, refill reminders, hyper-localization, optimized order management, strategic promotions, and enhanced catalog management rounded out this transformative endeavor.

The Results: A Remarkable Revolution

The outcomes of this initiative were nothing short of remarkable:

A staggering 30% increase in mobile app usage: The convenience of accessing healthcare services via a mobile app resonated with customers, leading to a significant surge in usage.

A substantial 50% surge in digital traffic: The seamless integration of digital and in-store experiences attracted more visitors to the pharmacy’s online platform.

An impressive 155 basis points increase in sales: Personalized offers, precise wellness recommendations, and streamlined prescription refills contributed to a substantial boost in sales.

Adobe Magento

With the unwavering support of Retail Insights, the pharmacy retailer harnessed cutting-edge technology to reimagine the customer experience, rendering healthcare more personal and accessible on an unprecedented scale. Whether it’s offering 24/7 pharmacist live chat, delivering precise wellness recommendations, or streamlining prescription refills for greater convenience and speed, each stride forward contributes to an enriched healthcare journey. Reach us to know more. Click here to know how Adobe Magento can help you set up your own grocery store.

Empower Retail Success with Retail Insights’ Magento Solutions


Retail Insights understands the paramount importance of mobile-first platform experiences in today’s ever-changing retail market. With our specialized expertise in Magento, we craft customer journeys that are mobile-friendly and built to withstand the test of time. Our team is dedicated to meeting your customized commerce needs, offering a wide array of services, including UI modifications, database changes, admin modifications, checkout process customizations, order management integrations, catalog checkout structure and functionality changes, migration, and much more.


As seasoned Magento eCommerce web development experts, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality eCommerce results across various Magento platforms. Our achievements speak for themselves, with over 30 certified Magento specialists, more than 80 successfully developed eCommerce websites, and 14 years of dedicated service.

At Retail Insights, we excel in integrating complex systems like ERP, PIM, CRM, and finance for a seamless and efficient business operation. Trust us for an easy transition and enhanced productivity.

Commerce (B2C & B2B)

Architecture Strategy

Migrating eCommerce platforms to headless

End-to-End Implementation

Configuration and customization of Magento

Custom coding for Visual Search, Bulk Emailing, SMS Notifications, etc.

Integrate with payment gateways and fraud mgmt. the system, OMS, EMS, Web Analytics tools, Reporting Tools, etc

CI / CD for the platform – Code Management

Performance Optimization / Administration

Holiday Readiness, Platform Support

Business Challenges:

Retail Insights took on the challenge of revamping an omnichannel commerce solution for a prominent international fashion retailer, powered by Magento, with the aim to enhance its growth, flexibility, and scalability.

The fashion retailer was on different back-end systems with varying load capabilities; they needed to be consolidated onto a single platform robust enough to handle sales spikes generated by the brand’s “drops”—highly anticipated, limited-edition collaborations. Site CX fluctuated wildly, with inconsistent branding, limitations to the currencies accepted, and content that culturally missed the mark.

Suggestion for staff augmentation and an incremental approach to problem resolution. TRI provided highly targeted support—including a business analyst—to address each issue

Enhance order processing and fulfillment time to meet customer expectations.

Improve visibility across systems for more informed decision-making.

Achieve flexibility and scalability to support the retailer’s ambitious expansion plans.

Integrate brick-and-mortar stores seamlessly and expedite onboarding of new sales channels.

Overcome the hurdles posed by disconnected legacy systems, streamlining operations.

Optimize redundant and inefficient process workflows.


Conducted a meticulous analysis, identifying common coding errors, and employed effective testing to address them.

Conducted an extensive architectural review, consolidating third-party application functionalities within Magento.

Leveraged innovative techniques to optimize website performance and reduce page load times.

Streamlined the integration of legacy stores, back-office operations, and external systems.

Successfully enabled seamless integration with SAP, catalog management, payment gateways, and more.

Revamped the UX of the multi-lingual e-commerce platform, introducing customer-centric features.

Re-engineered catalog and order management systems for improved efficiency.

Optimized same-day delivery, reducing warehouse pressures

Enhanced site stability and functionality through continuous improvements that spanned design, conversion rate optimization, and speed

Deployed Adobe Commerce Cloud support

Provided dedicated back-end and front-end support and a QA L3 support team

Instituted weekly backlog grooming sessions and production deployments

Technology Stack:

Languages and Framework: Magento, ApacheSoir

Databases: MySQL

Business Benefits:

Reduced warehouse pressures

Improved site stability & functionality

Immediate team support

Developed a clear and strategic e-commerce roadmap for the fashion retailer.

Established a well-connected ecosystem, bridging the gap between offline and online channels.

Achieved significant operational efficiency with a scalable architecture, accommodating growth.

Optimized product synchronization processes, ensuring up-to-date inventory information.

Streamlined order processing, leading to faster and smoother transactions.

Implemented an efficient logging and notification mechanism, enhancing communication.

Retail Insights’ Digital Retail Capabilities:

Commerce Transformation

E-commerce Sites

Mobile Apps

Payment Solutions

Magento & Hybris Solutions

Commerce Integrations

Back office Solutions

Customer Testimonial:

“TRI team helped us align our checkout performance online and we’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen since implementation. The enhanced online presence has allowed us to increase exposure to our growing customer base and existing brand enthusiasts.”
With Retail Insights’ expertise, the fashion retailer witnessed a remarkable transformation, equipped with a mobile-first platform and tailor-made Magento solutions. This digital makeover positioned the retailer for long-term success in the dynamic retail market.

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Adobe Commerce-Magento: Drive Sales and Customers

Magento certified partners India

​​Adobe Commerce has authoritatively combined the marking of Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud into a single brand, suitably named Adobe Commerce.

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) is perhaps the most inventive half-and-half tool that attention to facilitating the client experience. It offers perhaps the least difficult apparatus out there to deal with an eCommerce organization’s movement with different devices and permits site directors to meet their business necessities.

With Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) proceeding to add new provisions and fixes to remain in front of the opposition, we at Retail Insights have been supporting 40+ significant brands all around the world to be at the bleeding edge of the most recent tech headways to offer Edge advancement labs for Online to Offline Shopper Journeys, Omni Channel Analytics, Order and Fulfillment AI and ML rehearses, Cloud edge innovations to Content Syndication for EXPERIENCE COMMERCE. Retail Insight is the top Magento-certified partners India.

Magento certified partners India

Retail Insights Objectives:

  • Growing revenue
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase digital sales
  • Digitally transform an organization
  • Transform the digital customer experience

With Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) continuing to add new features and fixes to stay ahead of the competition, we at Retail Insights have been supporting 20+ major brands globally to be at the forefront of the latest tech advancements. 

Retail Insights targets componentizing business, by joining endeavor engineering, market-driving advances, accomplishing a lower complete expense of possession, and all that you need to convey an elite computerized shopping experience.

We are certified partners for Magento/Adobe (Bronze)

Key Features of Adobe Commerce Cloud

  • Headless Architecture supports endless front-end store possibilities
  • Agility to Support B2C, B2B, Hybrid (B2C & B2B) and Emerging Business Models
  • Unparalleled Innovation Ecosystem
  • Frictionless & Secure Cloud Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Commerce, powered by Adobe Sensei

Adobe Commerce is based on a headless, cloud-local, extensible design and is sponsored by a worldwide biological system of engineers, accomplices, and clients who add to development on the stage. Adobe’s AI stage, Sensei, opens information-driven bits of knowledge continuously to make customized shopping encounters through inventive, content, and marketing resourcefulness that drives income development.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Solution Partner

Retail Insights is a confided-in computerized counseling organization that can assist you with conveying drawing in encounters with Adobe Commerce. From advanced methodology and custom improvement to mix and arrangement, We have the aptitude to meet even your most specific necessities.

How to boost business with Adobe?

To Conclude

Most of the larger small businesses want to use such subscription-based software but only some of them do – now you need to decide which category are you in?

The retail Insights tech team helps your business to do the heavy lifting of O2O integrations, development, and automation testing workflows and processes. We are the top Magento-certified partners India.

Connect with us today on how we solved Inventory Challenges for retailers/brands with the right technology stack and implementations.  

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Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Retail Insights Offers an Affordable Application to Help Retailers Reopen and Operate Online with Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Retail Insights Curbside Pickup Application — How It Works
It integrates with eCommerce solutions — Magento, Salesforce, and Shopify, an affordable and powerful website for business;
By adding a delivery option to the online store, orders marked as ‘curbside pickup’ will flow directly into the application.
Accessible from any mobile device, the application allows retailers to view their orders and communicate the status of each order to their customers via mobile text messaging.
The text messages inform customers where and when to pick up their orders; and contain a link that, when clicked, automatically alerts the retailer they have arrived.

Should you need further demos, assistance, or clarification, our retail experts are standing by to assist.

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Shifts In Consumer Behavior Post-Pandemic: How to be Prepared for it

Consumer Behavior

#retailstrategy #retailexperience #omnichannel #retailtransformation #retailsolutions #commerce #ecommerce #smartretail #salesforcecommercecloud

Day-to-day life for many around the world has transformed in ways that none of us would have imagined a few months ago. Recuperation to normal – physical presence and interaction will be gradual. While the world was steadily shifting from retail to online shopping, due to the current pandemic situation, retailers saw a spike in people finding online shopping more convenient as their consumer behavior changed. It is evident that the retailers will be feeling the impact of the coronavirus crisis subsequently to when the quarantine, lockdown and social distancing rules have ended.

Consumer Behavior

The current pandemic is likely to create permanent shifts in consumer behaviors and sentiments that the retailers need to begin preparing for. Eventually, new behaviors will emerge and become new habits. The shift in consumer’s mind, their preference and purchasing norms will transition the future of retail. To stay relevant, redefining and shifting gears from the old normal to future reality is essential.

I believe that there is one factor, above all the others, which will be the difference between conversion and aversion i.e. ‘convenience’. Retail survivalists are ‘The Kings of Convenience’ namely; , Lowes, .

The retailers with ongoing digital transformation programs have already achieved some agility, flexibility and responsiveness to steer through a rather difficult course while evolving even during this time. Let’s talk about the ‘new normal’ possibilities in the near future and how businesses can be prepared for it.

Contactless: Similar to cashless – “contactless” has created a new dimension for the everyday retailing vernacular. Introducing contactless options under the retail through curbside pickups, virtual queue management, and contactless dining solutions is what will help retailers build trust in shoppers. Making them walk into brick-and-mortar stores will only be possible by creating a completely contact-free shopping experience with zero human interaction and cashier-less stores. Self-help kiosks and apps are solutions where people can find products, aisles and shelves about products they need to purchase and self-assist kiosks including for product information and self-checkout kiosks as well.

Elevating E-commerce Operations to the Cloud: Considering E-commerce as a long term strategy would be wise. Retailers would need assurance on reliability, trust and convenience. Currently, making it as easy as possible for consumers and customers to shop with you will sustain the business. Delivering virtual experiences and interacting with shoppers online, rather than focusing primarily on drawing crowds to the stores is essential. Improving website, and mobile interface and user experience would be helpful to continue engaging with the customers.

Automate: Automation is more important than ever. Adapting by evolving your tech stack to incorporate these components will arm your business with what it needs to weather the storm.

a) Retail Automation Essentials:

Putting retail and technology together improves the business outlook and is required to ensure customer retention. Retail automation revolves around intuitive rule-based workflow, it automates the order-to-cash process, less time consuming and more efficient as it lessens human errors, and as a result; increases agility.  Retailers will also look at reducing the total cost of operations through technology, which will enable businesses to have a real-time view of their assets, liabilities, it’s current health, and maintenance to improve agility

b) Demand Planning Essentials:

Forecasting demand with data is essential not just guesswork. It is critical to forecast demand after the crisis. Companies should understand the factors responsible for growth or decline in demand of a particular product to determine the future demands and forecast. Automatic replenishment forecasting that align with sales predictions – Demand forecasting and planning based on automated forecast algorithm selection, self-adjustment and a variety of data management utilities enables a business make accurate predictions and simplify the planning and management process. Real-time KPI reporting to see how inventory is moving also helps in forecasting and adjusting the inflow and outflow. Additionally, identifying overstock to improve inventory turnover helps in timely depletion and accurately identifies where the demand bends.

c) Analytical Intelligence:

Application of AI tools in retail analyses immense volumes of data to learn the underlying patterns and evolve with new developed circumstances. Retail analytical essentials such as analysis of sales and performance are critical to continuously learn and adapt to the consumer behavior. AI-enabled systems also support real-time accounts payable and receivable to boost business productivity and on-demand P&L and balance sheet generation and low-inventory quantities definition

d) Loyalty Programs:

Artificial Intelligence and automation of processes, from engaging with customers, guiding them through personalization of experiences and virtual shopping journeys using AR and VR is the next big boon in retail segment. The retail industry will see a new kind of revolution via digital transformation to not only sustain business but to draw more consumers in and keep them intact with Loyalty Programs. Automation in retail will help retailers and sellers to use e-commerce and point of sale. It will allow automatic creation and assistance for promotional codes and vouchers depending upon customer’s predictability and user-generated behavioral record. Integrations with industry-leading gift card, loyalty and promotions providers, and most retailers can assure consumer loyalty and stickiness to a brand.
With normal life on hold for now, there’s no better time to focus on local, take the time to get it right and hopefully come out of the crisis in better shape than ever. Retailers will require deeper insights about their supply chains. Retailers with a digital presence will only thrive.

6 Ways in which Magento stands apart from contemporary Digital Commerce platforms

Ever since its original release in 2008, Magento has grown to become the world’s leading eCommerce platform with thousands of shopping carts being powered globally by this platform. In the world of open-source software, where longevity is unheard of, this platform has maintained its relevance and edge amidst a growing list of alternatives. What makes Magento website development highly sought-after and why is it so successful among its user base?

The following features make Magento the go-to e-commerce website development platform:

Open source: Magento is an open-source platform that is powered by PHP. Hence, it enjoys the support of thousands of developers around the globe who work throughout the year to offer free and diverse plugins which can expedite development!

Flexible CMS: It offers a highly robust content management system that allows you to build shopping carts that are rich in features and imagery. Thanks to its scalability, the shopping cart can be expanded with an increasing line-up of products without the requirement of an overhaul.

Digital Marketing friendly: It is highly optimized for digital marketing as it offers a variety of tools that are SEO friendly and includes features such as customizable Meta tags and URLs. This helps boost the discoverability of individual product pages and thereby improves the ranking of the pages on your eCommerce website.

Easy Updates: As it is open source, building updates and patches for the website are quite easy and they can be rolled out without much ado. Due to the easy availability of PHP developers, custom plugins and web apps can be easily developed and integrated with the platform.

Responsive and mobile-friendly: In line with emerging mCommerce trends, retail businesses across the globe are targeting mobile shoppers. Here too, Magento offers an edge as it supports responsive designs and is mobile friendly.

Well-organized Back-end: The administration of the shopping cart is made comfortable owing to a highly effective back-end that boasts of an intuitive UI. This simplifies the task of maintaining multiple shopping websites, all of which can be maintained from a single backend.

Convinced by the advantages offered by the platform? Connect with us today as we are the best Magento-certified partners Dubai.

Partner with Retail Insights, a leading e-commerce development company with development centers in India and Europe. Magento certified partners Dubai.

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Retailers Integrate Across Channels

Retailers Integrate Across Channels

Retailers Integrate Across Channels

In 2015, retailers focused on either defining or evolving their digital strategy. Many concentrated on digital branding through traditional IT solutions such as email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications.
2016 retailers will focus on merging email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications into a single digital channel. This helps to achieve cross-channel integration, coming many steps closer to Omni channel engagement
This is a retail revolution in the making, enabled by a digital platform strategy that allows retailers to cocreate value across channels, partners, and potentially other industries or even competitors.
Bottom line: Fueled by secure networks, cloud enablement, agile development, social engagement, and mobile empowerment, many retailers will look to merge their business and digital strategies with a platform strategy to build an ecosystem for their brand through real-time engagement with buyers, sellers and a multitude of third parties.
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Compete with Amazon/Flipkart


How to Compete with Amazon/Flipkart in an Omnichannel World?


Compete with Amazon/Flipkart

Consumer Trend No. 1: Mobile Device Purchasing Will Grab a Larger Market Share

Consumer Trend No. 2: Manage inventory from multiple channels find the right balance

Consumer Trend No. 3: Omnichannel Fulfillment Capabilities will be a Key Priority

Consumer Trend No. 4: Social Reviews and Ratings Build Trust

Consumer Trend No. 5: Price and Content Benchmarking

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Retail Insights Digital Channel Management Solution

Digital Channel Management Solution
Retail Insights Digital Channel Management Solution
Digital Channel Management Solution
1.     30-60-90 day objectives with X sales commitment
2.     Identify features that part of the development roadmap with cutover plans
3.     Integration with Enterprise Application for automation of merchandise activities
4.     Infra Management /Application Support for Business Continuity
5.     Event planning for timely skin changes and give fresh look for the customer experience.
6.     SEO/SEM activity running parallel to the existing development road map.
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