Store traffic may be down, but sales don’t need to follow

Store traffic may be down, but sales don't need to follow — improving shopper conversion is the key.

“I’m not sure whether I really need to re-platform or new platforms for omnichannel readiness?

Having right the mix of digital commerce, Fulfilment, Range (PIM) and Customer and Loyalty will seriously boost digital commerce success - right platform, save significant amounts of time, money, and resources

Can you rely on your platform and running even during your busiest sales periods?
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Retail Insights Interaction opportunity with Startup Success Stories

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Retail Insights Proximity Marketing


The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are available now for traditional offline retailers, through integrated marketing solution.  Connected customer to convert potentials, send coupons, price matches and many more…all you need customer to install mobile app.

1. SAAS and Cloud Platform 2. End to End Implementation 10 days 3. Affordable and Reliable for the current need
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Top 5 Omni Channel Trends for 2016


1.    The WorkforceGoes Mobile
2.     IoT:Everything Gets Connected
3.     Mobile Moves in Store
4.     The Store Gets a Makeover
5.     On Demand: Shopping
Retail Insights Integrated Omni Channel Solutions gives Business the Power to Surprise.
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Retailers Integrate Across Channels


In 2015, retailers focused on either defining or evolving their digital strategy. Many concentrated on digital branding through traditional IT solutions such as email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications.2016 retailers will focus on merging email engagement, Web content promotions, social media sites, and developing or enhancing mobile applications into a single digital channel. This helps to achieve cross-channel integration, coming Read More...

Omni Channel Trends 2016


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Retail Insights Digital Channel Management Solution


 Retail Insights Digital Channel Management Solution1.     30-60-90 day objectives with X sales commitment2.     Identify features that part of the development roadmap with cutover plans3.     Integration with Enterprise Application for automation of merchandise activities4.     Infra Management /Application Support for Business Continuity5.     Event planning for timely skin changes and give Read More...

Digital Commerce 2.0

How we help large business houses to accelerate growth thru digital innovation1. Sell and Fullfill2. Product Catalogue Managment3. Market Place Integration4. Customer Engagement5. ERP Integrations || skype - retailinsights Read More...