How to transform the traditional retailer to digital retailer?

Retail Insights to help define the process with the workshop model. Publish the executable plan in phases. This will help retailers to “Transform while performing”.   
traditional retailer to digital retailer

Traditional retailer to digital retailer

  1. Merchandise, Pricing, and Promotion – Define the assortment and price strategies across all retail channels
  2. Digital Content – Design the online user experience by illustrating best practice
  3. In-Store Experience  – Seamless customer experience across all retail channels and define ways of integration in different phases
  4. Technology – E-commerce technologies, identify gaps in the as-is applications and recommend potential software needs with prioritization to support the digital strategy
  5. Data Insights – Review performance with data mining bringing store and online data. Identify opportunities to improve performance and recommend future actions with data insights
  6. Business Operations – Retail and omnichannel operations to be analyzed. Implement relevant changes to the store E.g. Store Training, Availability, Order fulfillment, Return Processing, Next Day, Customer queries, and Product Information

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