Digital Commerce Services is the future

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There was a time when digital commerce meant static storefronts and shopping carts. Today, digital commerce spans an integrated set of personalized digital experiences, from customer acquisition through retention, which is often owned and managed by marketing. 

-Gartner Digital Commerce Technologies Primer 

Why is Digital Commerce Important?

Digital commerce solutions can assist you with building an incredible computerized insight, making a stage + best-of-breed arrangement that joins content and commerce.

As the effect of digitalization proceeds in both B2B and B2C, we are seeing extreme changes in client practices and assumptions, from the manner in which they research an product/service, consider and complete a buy, or show loyalty to a brand, to the manner in which they impart all of this to their peers.

So, it is important and is the demand of time, customers, and businesses. 

Retail Insights is a Global Award-winning Digital Commerce company based out of the USA with representative services within the UK, GCC, and India. We help facilitate Offline to Online (O2O) journeys with the acceptable tech stacks implementations, by leveraging years of deep SalesForce Commerce, Magento, OMS, and Akeno PIM functional expertise to deliver the proper Omni-Channel experience, allowing you to grow your business while that specialize in your most precious asset. “ The Customer”

We could assist you to overcome the subsequent challenges,

  • Ecommerce Engineering
  • Dark Stores
  • Single View of Inventory across channels
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Back office reconciliation rules
  • Contactless
  • Store Pickup / Reserve etc.,

Retail Insight is usually taking steps towards scalability and streamlining technologies. Share with us your challenges today and allow us to assist you to overcome these challenges, making a winning proposition.

We look forward to hearing from you and dealing together to create suitable solutions.

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Are you ready for the future of Digital commerce?


Digital commerce

The commerce world is changing fast. Are you keeping pace with evolving demands?
Retail Insights we make it our duty to prepare you for the future of commerce, no matter what it brings.
With Retail Insights, you’ll learn about the trends transforming commerce and how to navigate changing consumer expectations to beat the competition.
1. State of Web Browsing/PWA
2. Experiential Expectations and Personalization
3. Data-Driven Marketing
4. Using Business Intelligence to Motivate Sales

Ways to Empower Your Sales Reps With Digital Commerce Tools


Digital Commerce Tools

  1. Provide In-depth Relevant Product Information 24×7
    Since your website is likely the first place your customers will look, appropriate product and company information
  2. Create Personalized Experiences – at Higher Volume
    Getting a customer quote was a time-consuming process and often difficult to track at volume.
  3. Deliver Valuable Real-Time Data
  4. Save Time.
  5. Bring in New Leads! And onboarding
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Digital Channels and New Revenue Streams (Define, Engineer and Execute – Walk the Talk)

Digital Channels
1.         30-60-90 day objectives with X sales commitment
2.         Identify features in Development Roadmap
3.         Integration with Enterprise Applications for merchandise flexibility
4.         Infra Management /Application Support for Continuity
5.         Merchandise Event Panning
6.         Digital Marketing Execution
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How to transform the traditional retailer to digital retailer?

traditional retailer to digital retailer
Retail Insights to help define the process with the workshop model. Publish the executable plan in phases. This will help retailers to “Transform while performing”.   
traditional retailer to digital retailer

Traditional retailer to digital retailer

  1. Merchandise, Pricing, and Promotion – Define the assortment and price strategies across all retail channels
  2. Digital Content – Design the online user experience by illustrating best practice
  3. In-Store Experience  – Seamless customer experience across all retail channels and define ways of integration in different phases
  4. Technology – E-commerce technologies, identify gaps in the as-is applications and recommend potential software needs with prioritization to support the digital strategy
  5. Data Insights – Review performance with data mining bringing store and online data. Identify opportunities to improve performance and recommend future actions with data insights
  6. Business Operations – Retail and omnichannel operations to be analyzed. Implement relevant changes to the store E.g. Store Training, Availability, Order fulfillment, Return Processing, Next Day, Customer queries, and Product Information

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