How To Sell More This Holiday Season

  1. Be Creative – Launch Innovative Sales Campaigns – stand apart from the crowd
  2. Focus on Festive Product Promotion – Cadbury always creates special festive gift boxes during this season
  3. Integrate smarter and delivery options – checkout cycle as part of a range of buying options.
  4. Implement accurate multi-location inventory management. Tommy and CK’s multi-location inventory allows a range of pick-up storage options and locations
  5. Communicate with customers to keep them updated and provide clear instructions on where to pick up their merchandise.
  6. Facilitate an easy and memorable pickup. Decathlon does with sports ambassadors
  7. Simplified returns processes. The ability to return an item locally.

O2O tech

Here at RetailInsights, we’ve worked with hundreds of retail and wholesale businesses to help them power up their operations and work more efficiently. There’s a lot that can be learned from this retailer/brands network; whether it’s to help us innovate on the product/technology side or to implement a powerful tech stack to ace the O2O experiences to compete with the digital powerhouses. so now you know how O2O tech can help you to sell more on this holiday? || || WhatsApp: +91 9945872535

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