What is a Customer Data Platform and why it is important?

Top data analytics companies in India
What is a Customer Data Platform? The customer data platform, or CDP for short, is turning out to be progressively significant in organizations & we are the best customer data platform company in India. We should make the right decision while making the shift from legacy systems to modern databases. And what to consider during this time is the Customer Data Platform (CDP). Today, the marketer's reality is very perplexing, and client assumptions are high. Dedication goes to organizations that Read More...

How omnichannel retailing is changing the retail industry?

What is omnichannel retailing? The retail industry has changed dramatically in the past few decades. With the rise of the internet, customers are less inclined to drive down to their nearest mall or shop. Instead, they are choosing to buy online or find items they need by searching for them on their smartphone. Omnichannel retailing is becoming more and more popular with retail stores because it enables them to reach customers on all of their devices, no matter the customer's location. We are Read More...

Rethink, Reinvent – Digital. Retail – IoT today


Rethink, Reinvent – Digital. Retail – IoT today       1.     Connect store shelf to backroom – Smarter Replenishment Algorithms2.     Improve traceability of the inventory  - Before and After Point of Sale  3.     Deliver Just-In-Time promotion and coupons- Connected experience Retail Insights gives Your Business the Power to Surprise. Sales @theretailinsights.com || skype – retailinsights Read More...

Digital Commerce 2.0

How we help large business houses to accelerate growth thru digital innovation1. Sell and Fullfill2. Product Catalogue Managment3. Market Place Integration4. Customer Engagement5. ERP Integrations sales@theretailinsights.com || skype - retailinsights Read More...

Mobile Workforce Managment Retail

We transform and differentiation by following “Digital”. Launching “Plan People” SAS based mobile work force management for SMEs.  For Employees:·         Punch In/Out with GPS Coordinates·         “Check Distance” Geofencing for Punch Location·         Offline Punch·         View Accrual Balances·         Read More...

Trade Promotion Strategy and Key Performance Indicators. Instore Branding

Trade Promotion Strategy

A key component of the promotion strategy is the role of trade promotions by brand.

Drive incremental sales

Increase market share and brand loyalty

Buy-down everyday retail price

Bottom up vs. Top down Budgeting
• Top down Budgeting:
Spending budgets by account can be allocated by sales management to
each sales representative or account as described in the above process step.
The advantages of
this method are:
Ensures budgets are allocated based on overall corporate