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Digital marketing is always changing and evolving, You can increase visibility and organic traffic through SEO, and build a brand. Do you know Online Retailers Are Losing 67.45% of Sales You’re losing money. We haven’t even met, yet I know this because the data supports it; that each and every day you’re losing potential orders on your website. Cart abandonment causes online retailers a great deal of pain. How much pain?  For every 100 potential customers, 67 of them will leave without Read More...

10 Benefits of Online Shopping…Retail Insights will enable with leading platform provider Magento

1) Convenience: The convenience of this method of shopping is what I like best about it. Where else can you do shopping even a midnight wearing your night suit? You do not have to wait in a line or wait till the shop assistant is ready to help you with your purchases. You can do your shopping in minutes even if you are busy apart from saving time and avoiding crowds. Online shops give us the opportunity to shop 24 x 7 and also reward us with a ‘no pollution’ shopping. There is no better Read More...

Choose the right partner to Go Online (Retail Insights plus Magento)…first step towards multi-channel (

Omnichannel partner in India
Go digital or Die: Retailers finally embracing online shopping

We know that 87% of retailers are heading online on a weekly basis for work-related tasks. But what exactly are they doing, and how does the web help them run their business?
Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:
69% go online to order from their distributor or wholesaler. We hear time and time again that retailers love online ordering because it streamlines a time-consuming process, and it helps with Read More...

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Omnichannel provider in India

} Single podium for any business needs - Operational and IT

} Involves multi-skilled team of consultants (technical & functional) with proven experience

} Well balanced approach : on – site, off – shore capabilities to handle the competitive lifecycle of internal and customer engagement

} High quality maintained across delivery cycles, that strive to reduce costs while increasing customer responsiveness

} Key focus areas – Functional Consulting,