In-store Ad space/Brand Management (Brands and Retailers Connected), Top 10 emerging In-store Solutions

Retail Insights “In-store Visual Space Management” application will help Retailers to connect
Brands/Manufacturers effectively in professional & organized manner on the Promotional Space
available in the stores

Who and why in need:
In-store Ad space

Retailers and Outdoor marketing agencies who want
to sell the visual ad space and assets to the multiple
It is necessary for retailer to manage and promote
in-store spaces affectively as there are “In-direct Revenue”.
It is also essential to streamline the marketing process for
the brands right from identifying the assets/space in the
stores and run promotions is a specified period.

Retail Insights Solution:

1. Application which allows retailer to identify the Promotional
Display Assets in stores
In-store Ad space2. Display asset catalogue will be listed on the application with
price and discount attached
3. Application which allows retailer to maintain store attributes
like location, affinity and demographics
4. Application provide brands the reservation capability of the
promotional of the assets and give first-hand information on
Booked, Overlapped and Available Assets
5. Brand has the flexibility to launch the promotion in group/cluster of stores
6. Retailer has given the final authority on the in-store space.
He has final say “When, Where and what” to promote in the stores in transparent
7. Capability of score carding/dashboard enable retailer to measure
performance of In-store space.This will in turn directly impacts
retailers “Revenue Growth in the Shrinking Economies” || +91 7795001231 || skype:retailinsights

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