Ensuring a Seamless TPM Journey: Empowering Trade Promotion Success

Trade promotions, accounting for over $500 billion in global expenditure, rank second only to COGS for CPG businesses, constituting approximately 20% of revenue. Effective trade promotions management (TPM) is crucial for overall business strategy. However, organizations face challenges in streamlining TPM operations and achieving higher ROI. Well-managed promotions have a positive impact on revenue, yet complex processes, fragmented data sources, and ambiguous responsibilities persist. Standardized solutions are lacking. In response, leading CPG/FMCG organizations are reassessing their TPM approach, seeking innovative solutions to improve metrics beyond effectiveness.

Why Choose Retail Insights for Trade Promotion Management?

At Retail Insights, our TPM services provide cutting-edge practices, solutions, and frameworks to revolutionize processes. Our approach leverages digital enablement, industry integration, analytics, and automation, delivering enhanced agility and accelerated operations. While the concept of running successful trade promotion operations may seem straightforward, implementing it successfully is anything but simple. Retail Insights has played a pivotal role in assisting CPG clients in identifying and achieving the objectives of an ideal TPM operating model. Our focus encompasses:

Cultivating an end-to-end view of trade promotions.

Accurately and timely measuring the performance of promotions.

Accelerating trade promotions through expert consultancy.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of services to our TPM clients, including Business Process Consulting/Advisory Services, Managed Trade Promotions Services, Technology Consulting and Implementation Services, and Analytics Advisory and Data Consulting.

Our Trade Promotions Management practice provides numerous benefits for our clients, including:

Improved operational efficiency.

Increased promotional effectiveness.

Enhanced customer experience.

Key Accomplishments:

Retail Insights has achieved remarkable milestones in trade promotions management. Our global delivery model focuses on optimizing processes, enhancing promotion effectiveness, and delivering an outstanding customer experience. With the trust of the top global retailers and the leading global CPG organizations, our industry collaborations have allowed us to accumulate invaluable best practices. Our benchmarking repository showcases industry-leading metrics, guiding us in providing the most effective strategies. We leverage proven in-house programs like Be-The-Navigator (BTN), Zero Distance, and design thinking, fostering transformation, ensuring consistent service delivery, and driving continuous improvement. These accomplishments demonstrate our commitment to excellence and position us as a trusted partner for exceptional trade promotions management.

We accredited implementation partner of Kantar Xtel

Success Story:

Retail Insights undertook a comprehensive end-to-end transformation of TPM operations for one of India’s largest consumer packaged goods companies. By leveraging analytics and implementing rich UI forms and interfaces, we significantly elevated TPM effectiveness and user experience. The result was a remarkable 50% increase in handled volumes without requiring an expansion of the team size.

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