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Increase revenues and margins through integrated sales planning and best trade management Software with an omnichannel solution; Retail Insights.

The Trade Promotion Management solution gives CPG manufacturers a single industry-dedicated environment that blends advanced capabilities with industry best practices and proprietary retail insights to enable an end-to-end plan and promotion management process.

Consumer goods manufacturers face pressing trade investment requests from their retail partners to drive an increase in both revenues and margins.

They must balance these requests with their own requirements to deliver growth and higher return on investments.

The Retail Insights – Omnichannel Solution allows all stakeholders to identify, optimize, plan and manage the right sales levers – assortment, pricing, promotions, and trade terms. 

Through a collaborative business process to deliver best results with retail partners.

More Return with Less Investment

Trade Promotions and API Led Integrations

? Profitable Revenue Growth – Implement the best assortment and promotional levers to deliver strong sales growth rates and win with retailers and shoppers.

CRM, Retail Automation etc

? Streamlined Sales Planning – Automate an end-to-end trade promotion with nest in class transactional and analytical capabilities and collaborative top-down/bottom-up planning process.

best trade management Software
Price Optimization, Promotion, e-commerce etc

? Market-Led Decisions with Retail Partners – Achieve higher results with shopper- drive recommendations, by leveraging the virtual environment to test promotions and new products.

best trade management Software

? Higher Operational Performance – Improve performance at the shelf with a more accurate sales forecast and closed planning execution process.

Whether you need to quickly add product features to drive business agility, drive digital transformation with a new application, or embrace new DevOps practices, #retailinsights is the right partner to help you achieve your goal.

Retail Insights is a global IT Services & Digital Solutions company with offices across the USA, India, UK, and UAE, supporting the IT operations and growth of enterprise-level companies in a wide array of industries. Contact us today for the best trade management Software.

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Retail Insights Expands Partnership With Blue Yonder!!

Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Retail Insights
Logistics & Supply Chain Management – Retail Insights

Logistics & supply chain management

Now fulfill your customer demand with Retail Insights, you can make more automated, profitable business decisions that deliver greater growth and re-imagined customer experiences. Retail Insights – Your Chief Omni Channel Officer.

Retail Insights and Blue Yonder look forward to fostering their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to harness their power together to deliver the best omnichannel Commerce fulfillment solutions.

Retail Insights and Blue Yonder come together with a single vision to empower business changes for the best minds in marketing, supply chain, merchandising, and solving complex problems.

It is an accredited Blue Yonder partner for the implementation of existing and future Omni-channel Commerce solutions.

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