Ways to Empower Your Sales Reps With Digital Commerce Tools


Digital Commerce Tools

  1. Provide In-depth Relevant Product Information 24×7
    Since your website is likely the first place your customers will look, appropriate product and company information
  2. Create Personalized Experiences – at Higher Volume
    Getting a customer quote was a time-consuming process and often difficult to track at volume.
  3. Deliver Valuable Real-Time Data
  4. Save Time.
  5. Bring in New Leads! And onboarding
  6. Offer Unparalleled Convenience

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RETAIL PRO and MAGENTO INTEGRATION?? We just did that. We are the best Magento Certified Partners Dubai, UK.
Product Catalogue, Stock, Order, Customer, and Logistics sync for multi-channel scenarios.
Magento Certified Partners Dubai
  1. Catalog Management – Simple and Configurable products:
  2. Promotion Management – Any discounts/offers on Retail Pro for the web store should get updated on Magento.
  3. Inventory View – Stock levels from the stores and warehouse should be updated on the Magento on a near real-time basis. (Single View of Inventory)
  4. Notifications & order acceptance at the store level & warehouse level
  5. Order allocation- Orders are to be allocated on availability and location
  6. Loyalty – Customer Registration Centralised. Redeem loyalty points across online and offline channels. (Customer 360)
  7. Invoicing & shipping – Order status and shipping updates from Retail pro and the customer

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