Compete with Amazon/Flipkart


How to Compete with Amazon/Flipkart in an Omnichannel World?


Compete with Amazon/Flipkart

Consumer Trend No. 1: Mobile Device Purchasing Will Grab a Larger Market Share

Consumer Trend No. 2: Manage inventory from multiple channels find the right balance

Consumer Trend No. 3: Omnichannel Fulfillment Capabilities will be a Key Priority

Consumer Trend No. 4: Social Reviews and Ratings Build Trust

Consumer Trend No. 5: Price and Content Benchmarking

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Price Intelligence -Omni Channel

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Omnichannel retailing partner uk

Omnichannel retailing partner UK

Allows you to gain valuable insights by monitoring and tracking your competition using advanced
product tracking technology, including image recognition.

Manual repricing is a time-consuming process, especially when you sell across multiple marketplaces.
Create customized dynamic pricing rules for your products and Pricer does the
rest of the work.


Advanced analytics show you the revenue results in real time. Find the sweet spots and achieve the
ideal pricing structure to maximize your profits. Contact us today as we are the best Omnichannel retailing partner UK.