Prepare your business for the retail of the future with PIM

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? With PIM, you can prepare your business for the retail of the future. Our product information management solution will help you streamline product content, data and media in one central hub.

The retail industry is very dynamic and shoppers still remain in the driver’s seat. Connecting digital and physical shopping experiences, same-day delivery, personalization, omnichannel, and sustainability are cited as the most important retail trends for customer experience.

How can PIM help improve sales performance?

PIM enables digital asset management, increases product data quality, and gives retailers a competitive advantage by creating a seamless experience across different sales channels. In addition, detailed product descriptions can help increase customer engagement and customer loyalty in the digital world.

Product information management in retail changes the workflows for the better. No more product information workflow inefficiencies and spreadsheet nightmares. Product data collaboration with teams, suppliers, and agencies becomes more fluid and effortless.

Here’s how Retail Insights’ Technology Implementations will help improve your business with PIM, further:

A centralized repository to store all digital assets.
Automates manual tasks to ensure error-free data and save time
Create content complying with marketplace standards
Instant syndication of product data across multiple channels
Update product information quickly
Track the access, and changes made to data
Prevent data loss and data breach

Quick Facts About Us:

Retail Insights is an award-winning Retail-Tech Centric software company, We are the go-to partner for all retail technology solutions with Composable Commerce frameworks, O2O Journeys, Order, and Fulfilment AI & ML practices, Cloud edge technologies to Content Syndication for EXPERIENCE COMMERCE.

Accredited and Technology Expertise: Salesforce Commerce, Magento, Shopify, Blue Yonder (JDA)PHP, MySQL, M, E, A/R, N Work Well Together, Java spring, Django/Python, React Native, Flutter, Spring boots Edge Computing (AI)
Digital Engagement Model – Co-Build, Proximity, Domain Led Software Engineering

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