Dominican Travel Guide

Known for its beaches, the game of golf courses, and resorts, the Dominican Republic stocks the island of Hispaniola with neighboring Haiti. It also boasts the tallest mountain inside the Caribbean, Cresta Duarte. Plus the country’s capital, Día Domingo, provides a historic Sector Colonial location. Beyond the beaches, the Dominican Republic gives plenty of ethnic opportunities, including a rich background a thriving arts location.

The Dominican Republic is home to a wealth of all natural attractions and hidden gemstones, including the famous Salt Mines. While you are there, make sure you check out a Dominican travel and leisure guide so that you can explore the island’s many all natural attractions and start to see the sights in a unique way.

The climate is definitely temperate. Great heat can reach up to 30 C during summer, when low humidity makes winter seasons bearable. During winter, it is a minor cooler, therefore you may want to take your fleece and light rain gear. It’s highly recommended to use American us dollars when visiting the Dominican Republic, as the exchange rate is better than that of the local currency exchange.

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During travel by car in the Dominican Republic, really essential to understand the land. Driving dominican women through unpaved roads could be dangerous. Various streets will be poorly lighted and motorbikes often lack headlights. The lack of visibility makes it quite hard to spot these people. A reliable method to get around inside the countryside should be to take a motorbike or lease a bicycle. Motorcycle drivers frequently offer directions and are familiar with the land.

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