2020 Diwali/Christmas Predictions: Retail trends for the new shopping landscape

There’s no doubt this festive period will be unlike any other, with more online shopping than ever. Retailers must have a holiday-specific plan that gives consumers confidence to purchase from them. It’s vital brands ensure their websites offer a seamless shopping experience and make it easy for customers to find the answers they seek through Q&A, reviews, and brand response to maximise revenue opportunities. Over half of brands & retailers are investing more in e-commerce website upgrades this holiday season. Speak to us

1. Acceleration of online – With significant growth in page views and order count, consumers now adjusted to online shopping and will remain a priority channel. Order volume in retail is fluid, rising, and falling dramatically with seasons, trends, consumer desire, environmental factors, and the onward march of eCommerce.

2. Innovative ways to fulfillment space – Order Orchestration (profitable for you and customer), O2O Conversions (online & in-store), Curbside Pickups, Virtual Queuing and Trials, and Reserve in-Store

3. Discount deals – 2019 saw page views increase 31.4% and order count rise 65.9% compared to usual – COVID-19 only looks set to exacerbate this, purchase gifts during holiday sales to take advantage of the deals consumers consider their finances more carefully.

4. Gift research – July (continue in August and September) has one of the highest rates of UGC interaction, highlighting that shoppers are engaging with customer reviews, photos, and questions and answers as they research gifts online

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